Thursday, May 08, 2008

Hello :)

How about I just pretend I've been here every day for last, um so many, months?

I have been stitching, but not a lot, since I've joined Stampin' Up (loving it!), I've been doing a lot more cards and scapbooking. But, you'll never catch me watching TV in the evening without stitching in my hand! (... of course, I work 3 evenings, have workshops and meetings ... which = not as many evenings in front of the TV as I'd like!). I can't say anything is particular grabbing me right now though, I think I've lost that stitching mojo for quite a while now.

Anyway, I DO have an update :) ... because I can't "just" sit, and because I've always admitted to being a stitcher who just enjoys the de-stressing process, I've been stitching on Faery Tales. I've just finished page 2! (well not *the* page 2, but a whole second page of stitching). When I started this, I started it about 3 times, the fabric was wrong the first couple of times, then I started and realised I had the fabric the wrong way ... so when I finally started it, again, I started on page 2 - I just couldn't bear to re-start page 1.

So this is page 2 and page 8 (I think) - I think I'll work on page 1 and 3 at the same time next.

AND ... there are 40 pages ... I wrote down the date on the chart when I started page 8 - it says 12 October 2007. That is seven months to stitch one page, x 40 pages - well, you do the math - it could be a LONG time before this one is finished! LOL

Funny enough though, I'm really enjoying stitching it - I am definitely in a rhythm with the colour changes and the one over one.

So, enough chatting - here is the updated picture -

... and because I was taking photos this morning to try and do something for my Mother and MIL for Mother's Day this Sunday - here is an updated picture of the kids ... yep, they've grown!!

Now, if I'm really good ... I'll try and update my stitching once a week or so, we'll see - no promises!