Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I wish I could think of more exciting titles! But today, I really do have lots of bits and pieces to let escape out of my head ... now to remember them all.

I hope no-one thought I was serious in my last post about strangling my daughter - she is difficult sometimes, but the cuteness makes up for it ... I'd never hurt her!

Okay ... first up ... just for all you catlovers out there (I pretend I'm not, but maybe I've got a wee little soft spot ... maybe ...)

I must be the only person that has switching channel wars with the cat! Maisie insisted on sitting on top of the cable box ... me being the softie (whoops - let that one out of the bag) I am - didn't throw her off, but got the remote to change the channel back after every time she sat too hard on one of the numbers!

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From animals to children ...

I am so cross with the High School, and am trying to think of the best way to compain to them - whether it's better to have a quiet chat, write an official complaint letter or what ... here's what happened ...

On Saturday David (14.5yo) hurt his back playing cricket, pretty sure it is pulled muscle down the side, the poor boy could hardly move, he was okay if he was still, but getting in and out of chairs or bed or moving suddenly was obviously very painful. The High School had Athletics Day yesterday - I said to him that maybe he should stay at home, he said no - he wanted to go and watch his mates but could I write him a note so he didn't actually have to participate. Which I did.

He came home yesterday in a right mood, turns out if you don't bring your PE gear you are automatically put in a fenced off section in the middle of the grounds, away from everyone else, where you can't even see all the events properly ... basically treated like animals. On top of that, in his words so excuse all racist implied comments ;), "I had to sit all day with a bunch of dumb Maoris who thought it was really funny to call me fatty all day" ... I am really wild, this is my boy who HAS struggled with his weight but over the summer has been going to the gym five days a week, started jogging, all to get his fitness to a point where he can try out for the top soccer team ... he. does. not. need. that. sort. of. crap.

So, you genuinely injure yourself, where the injury would get worse if he'd participated, make a very responsible decision to go to school anyway to support your friends and get treated like an animal? ohhhh I am cross.

BTW - his back is getting lots better, and I imagine will recover before the rest of the week.

... and from Children to Stitching ...

Here is the latest progress picture of Celtic Summer - I had a lovely stitching evening last night, Mondays have suddenly become hopeless with gym in the afternoon, then more often than not various meetings in the evening - so I might have to switch this one to a Tuesday night now I've finished Rose Arbour - Tuesdays are usually one of my more productive days :)

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I also picked up Faery Tales for the first time in at least a month on Sunday - but it's still a small black blob, so not really worth taking a picture of.

Here is a picture of Rhiannon's very slow WIP - I can't believe how filthy it is! Those little 7yo fingers must get very grubby, I need to start training her to wash her hands before she stitches! She picks it up spasmodically - but is doing really well - I help guide her in the right direction as to what crosses to do, and start her off - but she does the rest by herself now ... it is a picture from an English Magazine - can't remember off-hand what one.

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Can't remember what other exciting things I was going to say - they'll come back to me, I'm sure!

Sunday, February 26, 2006

Quiet Sunday Anyone?

I wish. I am about ready to strangle a couple of girls sitting behind me - the littlest one is howling that she is finished ... finished howling that is. Because I turned off the TV because they wouldn't stop bickering. Lucky DH sleeping until 9.00am because he can ignore all other noises, lucky DH watching soccer so the girls vacate that room and come and annoy me, lucky DH gone the other five days of the week, and not having to put up with that every day! Right. Vent over - sometimes you've just got to get it out ;)


Thank you for ALL the comments on Rose Arbour - wow! it is so nice to get so many compliments ... I love the blogging world.


strangling is still sounding like a good option ... deeeeep breaths ...


Another small finish -

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Little House Needleworks - Kitty Cottage Sampler
Stitched on 27ct "Clay" evenweave


Today I've got the dreaded Soccer Club AGM - this is the worst part of my job, I hate speaking in front of people, and I hate being responsible for all that money - so today I get to present the accounts, a combination of both things - oh yay ... all I can say is at least by the end of the day it will be over!


I'm having paper thrown at me now ... more deeeeeeep breaths ...


and later I get to choose between stitching Faery Tales as per my written down rotation for February, or October Skye Sampler so I can finish it ... as per my February goals - oh, decisions, decisions ... maybe I'll see how the AGM goes first! LOL


and finally I have a little girl on my knee having a cuddle, maybe she got the message I mean business? at last? ... until next time, anyway ;)

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Rose Arbour

I did it! I finished her! Wahoooooo! ... yep, I am that excited. I can't remember when I started stitching her, but I suspect during 2002, at a guess.

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Rose Arbour ~ Mirabilia
Stitched on Blended Needle "Parchment" 28ct Evenweave

It's funny, when I started this I still hadn't worked out what everybody meant when they talked about starting on the vertical thread - so it is all stitched with each cross starting from the horizontal thread - gosh it is awful to stitch like that, the thread often slipped underneath the weave of the fabric (it's a pretty loose fabric anyway) and I can tell by looking at it that my crosses just don't look "right". We live and learn, and grow - for me, mostly thanks to the internet!

I'm at work right now, and it is VERY quiet, so I'm going to pop down to the carpark and get my soccer/cricket work out of the car, do some of that - and then stitch ... life is good :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Nearly there!

I did it! I actually finished all the stitching on Rose Arbour last night ... so "just" the beads to go - hopefully I might get time this afternoon to start those, although I've got a neighbour coming around for coffee (darn it - I'd rather be stitching LOL). I was very selfish yesterday and ignored all work, house, children etc and watched the two episodes of Desperate Housewives I had taped and stitched, and then had the evening to stitch as well - gosh it felt good - I don't get enough free days to do that anymore!

I did finish something last week though - here is Season of Rest by Little House Needleworks -

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

and also started another one by LHN (Cat Cottage Sampler? - can't remember the name - and I'm wayyyy to far away from the other room to go check it out).

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

The kids are biking to school today for "Biking Week" - they bike there and then get breakfast - so *yawn* it's 7.45am and time to leave the house!

Monday, February 20, 2006

Creative Writing ... from Mr 14yo

Very, very quick post - I need to go pick up Charlotte, but just had to do a quick copy and paste of David's latest creative writing - he is so GOOD at this stuff, but mutters and moans about it - I suppose that is natural though LOL

He's doing an assignment where each written piece has different "rules" ... this one, he had to start each sentence with an adjective -

M and W N****n

Comical, friendly and sometimes a little dopey are the first three things that come to mind about my best bud MJN. Friendly is also a good way to describe M’s parents who, over the years, have welcomed me as a son. Bubbly older sister L is also a good friend of mine but not as good a friend as M’s identical twin brother, W. Unfortunately a lot of people seem to think I should have a favourite twin but there is no way I could ever choose one of them over the other because although they are twins, they both have a lot of different attributes.

Athletic, humorous and intelligent are three good ways to describe W. As friendly as M and W are, when they get together they do not get along well at all. Shattered windows, holes in walls and terrified babysitters are all consequences of the twin’s aggressive nature. Terrible fights and vicious arguments forced wary parents to split the twins up. Sadly for W, he was sent to a boarding school in Wanganui and now, because they don’t see each other as much, the twins get on like a house on fire.

Funnily, The first time I met M I didn’t like him because we were playing soccer at school and he pushed me over. Luckily I became friends with W and got to know M, now we are like triplets. Super friendly, very funny, loyal and good to be around, Michael and William are two friends I could never replace!

My family is sure putting me through the emotional wringer the last few days - in a good way though! LOL

Thank you for all the comments, again - the blogging world is fantastic :)

Might be back later with some stitchy pictures ...

Sunday, February 19, 2006

LOTS of photos!

Of my sister's wedding - not stitching!

It was a gorgeous day ... lovely sunshine, happy bride and groom, happy guests ... and no disasters - what more could you ask for?

My Dad and Georgie arriving -

Image hosting by Photobucket

Georgie and John -

Image hosting by Photobucket

I love this next one, although it makes me cry everytime I look at it - Stephie is Georgie's twin and I think it was a really huge day for her, in some ways I think she should have given G away, rather than Dad - they are soooo close and it must feel like she is losing apart of herself - kwim? John was lovely (and funny) in the speeches about the two of them and obviously really understands how it will always be him, Georgie and in a funny sort of way Stephie too. Anyway, I just love the reflective look in this photo -

Image hosting by Photobucket

Georgie and Stephie

Image hosting by Photobucket

They did this wonderful "joining together" symbolic thing with sand - this is John, Georgie (hidden) and John's four daughters all putting their sand in together.

Image hosting by Photobucket

and the container afterwards -

Image hosting by Photobucket

... and some random photos :)

My biggest son (it's not often I get a good picture of him, he usually hides!) -

Image hosting by Photobucket

My niece Tracy, and Rhiannon -

Image hosting by Photobucket

Me and my girl -

Image hosting by Photobucket

My parents

Image hosting by Photobucket

... and lastly ... my framed wedding piece for them :)

Image hosting by Photobucket

Sorry about the big photos - anyone want to give me instructions on Photobucket to get them smaller? I just assumed it would be like Picturetrail where they must cut them down a bit? My Picturetrail album is just about chock-a-block ... plus I need to pay my annual fee, and I'm not sure where it's coming from ... so I thought I'd give Photobucket ago - but I'm not sure about the huge photos!

Sunday here today and I have a ton of laundry and housework to catch up on - hopefully next week will be MUCH quieter!


This is a test post from Photobucket.com

Friday, February 17, 2006

What a week ...

Gosh it got busy this week ... here is a quick run down ...

Monday - not too bad, biked in the morning, started folding soccer rego and info, Charlotte gym in the pm, stitched a wee bit in the afternoon, meeting that night.

Tuesday - got soccer accounts from accountant to double check, took a couple of hours in the morning to go through, folded more rego info, enveloped some (great family production line - Rhiannon sorting, Josh folding, me putting in envelopes, Charlotte stamping the return address on the envelopes - *thats* why we had such a big family! LOL), dropped changed accounts back to accountant, stitched on Rose Arbour in the evening.

Wednesday - woke up to find no hot water, rang electrician arranged for him to come after lunch, went with a friend to a womens group/morning tea thingee ... they are doing a personality study thing this term - I'm a 9 (peacemaker) with strong 1 (perfectionist) tendancies ;) ... home to wait for electrician, finally came as I was walking out to get the kids from school, of course. I quickly vacuumed and tidied a bit while I was waiting. Found out we definitely needed a new hot water cylinder *sigh* just what we don't need right now ... but electrician is a fellow soccer committee person so he arranged the plumber for me and also the cylinder through his account at a wholesale price - yeah! ... about then it occurred to me that once again *I* was handling everything while DH was at work, as usual. Went to Mum and Dad's for dinner, home, kids in bed and stitched for a couple of hours.

Thursday - quick cold shower again (I can't NOT wash my hair it is terribly greasy and has to be washed every day otherwise it looks dirty and yuck), enveloped my RRs, finished soccer envelopes, caught up on a few cricket/soccer emails, filled in a funding cricket form, while plumber put water cylinder in. He finished just in time for me to rush out and get groceries before picking up Charlotte from kindy. Made up and cut out pattern to make top to wear to my sister's wedding on Saturday before having to go and drop off envelopes at PO, post RR's off and buy birthday gift for party that Rhiannon was going to that afternoon. Picked up kids from school, started making top, dropped Rhiannon off to party, carried on making top ... frantically got ready for work before picking up Rhiannon, dropping her at home, and dropping Cameron off at Touch rugby. Work was extremely busy - 1.5hrs of transcript tapes from a meeting, oh yay. Watched the cricket for a while, got quite exciting - so stayed an extra hour to make up for the time I was in front of the telly ... got home about 1.30am - finished loading dishwasher, tidied up a bit (DH was away for the night) and got to bed about 2.00am.

Friday - Hot shower! Yay! ... only Cameron and Josh to organise off to school. Rhiannon, Charlotte and I then drove into Ngauranga (near Wellington) to drop off Charlotte to Deb who is having her for a couple of nights, then to Porirua for some shopping and lunch with Rhiannon, found her a pretty dress to wear on Saturday, and me a skirt - still not sure I like it, but nothing looks good when you're too fat *sigh*. Then off to then ENT specialist with Rhiannon - her ears are really good, one tube had worked it's way out from the ear drum (which has healed perfectly) into the ear canal so she pulled that out ... Rhiannon has it carefully wrapped up so she can show it off at news at school on Monday. Then home again to quickly get changed, drop Rhiannon at my sister's and then come into work ... where I am now.

Tomorrow is the usual kids sports in the morning, then the wedding in the afternoon! I'll pick up the framed piece in the morning - I could have done it this morning, but didn't want to "bug" the framer - then David Jnr tells me she called last night to say it was ready! Grrrrrr! I could have strangled him! LOL

So, that folks is a week in the life of a BUSY me - it's not always that crazy ... thank goodness (but is, more often than I'd like LOL).

Here is a picture of the Mirabilia RR piece I just finished and sent off - I stitched the Madonna of the Garden section - I'm a bit worried the section is a bit empty, but I really wanted to incorporate the arch, fence AND baby.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I'm also VERY close to finishing Rose Arbour - I should finish the cross-stitching this coming Tuesday, and I'll decide from there whether to carry on and do the beading over the next few days after that and get it finished - or wait until the following Tuesday :)

... can't forget the Charlotte quote of the day ...

"I wish I had Mrs Incredible as my Mummy, she can do LOTS of things at the same time"

That was this morning while I was trying to quickly finish sewing up my top, and get her organised and packed for her weekend away, I can't remember what she wanted me to do, but I obviously wasn't doing it fast enough! LOL

Nearly time to go home!

Monday, February 13, 2006


Ha! Did that get your attention? Almost as much as it got mine when Charlotte said "I've got all the nits out Mummy" after she'd brushed her hair ...

Eeeek! 0h no, wait ... it's a word mix up - Rhiannon tells me that Charlotte is mixed up and means KNOTS *phew* LMAO

It's lucky she's so funny - it makes up for the stubborness and rudeness that pops out of her mouth as well ;)

We've just been to gym, and I've had at least half the parents suggest that I should have her in the older class (in a nice way, don't get me wrong) ... problem is, the next class is the "school" age class - she's not school age until November! ... and yes, I agree, she's going to be bored silly by the end of the year, and yes, she needs to be pushed more - BUT there is no way my shy little girl is going to let me sit and watch her and not be on the floor with her - which is a requirement for those older classes *sigh* I wish her social shyness was in line with her physical abilities - it would make life easier. And this will sound like a total brag (and probably semi is LOL) ... but I get tired of the gasps of wonder every time we start a new year/term with different parents/children - yep, she's good, yep she's got an older sister and has been around the gym since she was a babe in my arms, yep, yep, yep ... but I'm shy like she is, and am embarrassed everytime too!

... and sticking to the gym subject - I think I'm going to the club's committee meeting tonight (yeah, Kath I can hear you - don't over do it, not *another* committee! LOL) ... but reality is, we're going to be involved for a few years to come, and I do like to give back and help where I can. In a lot of ways it will be nice to join a committee as a "parent" and "help" rather than the admin and reporting responsibilties I have with soccer and cricket.

I still haven't started stuffing envelopes - I haven't been able to get hold of the man who runs Sport Kapiti to go and use their photocopier - I did email DH before and ask him if he could do the first 100 or so at work so I can at least get started - I also didn't do a lot of stitching either. Took ages to polish those trophies - they did look good afterwards though! ... then our friend Deb popped in (arranged with her to have Charlotte Friday AND Saturday night - Rhiannon has an ear appointment on Friday afternoon and as per tradition wants just her and Mummy to do some shopping and have some lunch beforehand, and Saturday is Georgie's wedding, I'm relieved to have that detail taken care of!) - then I went for a quick bike-ride, then off to the BBQ - got home about 10pm and did half an hour, but that was it.

Today isn't looking much better - it's nearly after school time, then I've promised oldest DS to look at soccer boots - another sister (I only have five of them LOL) works in the sports shop and she's going to arrange it that we can take them AND pay them off - bit naughty but she assures me it will be fine, as long as I pay a regular amount for a few weeks, which is such a life saver right now, anyway - need to do that as promised, organise dinner, do some banking, mail some stuff - then off to the gym committee meeting.

Did I mention just yesterday I was getting lots of stitching time - ha! serves me right for tempting fate by writing that down!

Sunday, February 12, 2006

This and that ... and this again, and that again


Yep ... still stitching, stitching lots in fact - and it feels good! I've got just the beads to do on my Mirabilia piece for the Mirabilia RR I'm involved in - I'm hoping to do those later today, or tomorrow - depending how the day goes. I'm about halfway through a small LHN piece that I will sell on ebay - I should have pictures of both of those in a couple of days.

Meanwhile, here are two more ornaments -

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
Partridge in a Pear Tree
The Prairie Schooler
2005 JCS Ornament Mag
Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com
A 16th Century Celtic Christmas
Moss Creek Designs, Inc.
2000(?) JCS Ornament Mag
Ornament RR
Sadly, I'm now finished all my Ornament RR pieces - I really enjoyed the way this was run - and loved getting a surprise supply package in the mail, that was easy to pop into my bag for work or whatever and knowing everything was included. I'm not sure whether I'll sign up for another one or not - I've kitted a few ornaments in the same way ready to take with me in the same way - and our local stitching group's ornament SAL kinda replaces it.
Other Crafts
I bought some lovely fabric to make myself a top - eeeek! I need something to wear to my sister's wedding next week, and there is no way I can afford to buy expensive new clothes ... plus the fact that none of the tops ever seem to fit me "right" - everything is too clingy, and if not too clingy then just not right. I'm your classic Kiwi Pear shape - and overweight with it - so I hate anything clinging to my hips and showing how big they are! Anyway I've bought this fabric, and I'm planning on tracing around one T Shirt I've got that fits me nicely ... so keep everything crossed it goes as I've got it pictured in my head! ... if it works, I'll invest in a nice cream skirt/trousers to go with it - that I desperately need for work as well.
I've also been knitting! I used to knit lots - but have found in recent years I much prefer my cross-stitch, knitting gets boring, really fast (not saying knitting is boring - just that my attention span is way too short! LOL). Anyway - I've found it's the perfect thing to take along to the kids' cricket games ... two hours (or more), with my short attention span and not being able to sit still for more than five minutes (unless I have stitching to do ;)) ... knitting is perfect :D - I'll take a picture when I've done a bit more.
A Thank You
... to my lurking blogger reader. I arrived at Kath's on Wednesday night and she gave me the sweetest little gift for Charlotte that came from an internet friend of hers who had read my blog and then sent the cutest little Strawberry Shortcake make-up set to Kath to pass on to that cute little girl in my blog - isn't the cyber world amazing? Thank you so much quiet lurker (I'm not sure I should put names here, never sure whether that is good etiquette or not) - Charlotte loved it (as did Rhiannon the big sister who managed to persuade Charlotte she should share it LOL). Also loved telling her Dad and siblings that she got it because she is cute LOL
Is Sunday - and usually Sundays are quiet days ... but darn it I have way too much on.
Finish writing Soccer AGM Letter
Get hold of Sport Kapiti co-ordinator so I can go and AGM letter 600x
Put 600 rego forms + McD's competition/promotion + AGM letter into envelopes ready to post out.
Bike Ride
Beginning of year shooting club BBQ ... which includes prizegiving from last season ... which also means I have to do serious polishing of the trophies I won the year before that (um, about 6 of them - nice to win, but terrible to clean! LOL).
Eeek! I should get going ... I don't think I'll be stitching today!

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Routine anyone?

One to spare? I need a good one to keep up with my blogging!

Firstly - thank you so much for all the lovely comments on my Wedding Blessing finish, you are all wonderful friends :)

Secondly - Like everyone else, hearing about the death of one of our stitching friends has made me quite sad and reflective. Laura and family - my thoughts are with you :(


Blogging routine - I find I think of things to say, then by the time I get around to writing here, I forget them. I need to set myself in a daily, or every second day, routine. I'll have to think about that one, maybe first thing in the morning or last thing at night.

Family - everyone is back at school as of today - yeeeehahhhh! I am so happy to have a quiet house again for a few hours everyday, I love my kids, and love doing things with them - but gosh I love to have a bit of space as well.

I went for a bike ride this morning - back up the Maungato...s again for the first time in a month or two, not quite back to the fitness I was - but I made it to the top with only one stop, wow - I forget how beautiful the view is from up there - it is worth the sweat and hardwork just to see it - the sea looked like a lake this morning, just beautiful.

Stitching - I seem to have had lots of time and enthusiasm to stitch the last week or so, I love that! I've pretty much stuck to my rotation except I started the Mirabilia RR on Tuesday instead of picking up Rose Arbour - I started to have a wee panic attack about whether I'd left myself enough time to stitch it. As it turns out I've nearly finished it and will probably have a couple of days spare ... woohooo! :)

Here are some pictures -

A couple ornaments from the Ornament RR - I can't remember designers etc, and the details are all the way down the other end of the house ... and I'm just too lazy to get up to get them! LOL

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

and an update on Celtic Summer, I finally got to stitch on this again on Monday night - I didn't think I got much done but when I compare it to the last progress picture I can see where I've filled in quite a bit. I just worked on the front green/gold part of her dress.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I'm off to have a quiet 30mins or so in front of Oprah with my stitching, before the tribe get home from school.

Saturday, February 04, 2006

Happy, happy, happy Dance

Here it is! You don't have to look at progress pictures anymore (I'm sure you were getting sick of them!).

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

and a close up of one of the corners ... just because.

Image Hosting by PictureTrail.com

I'm VERY pleased with the way it has turned out - lots of hard work, but well worth it. Thank you for all your cheering and compliments - they really DO help ... and I promise hand-on-heart I'll take more time to comment on YOUR blogs, now I'm not on such a deadline!

I started an ornament last night, and nearly finished it - it was soooooo nice to be stitching something different :)

Sounds like we're all going to the beach, DH was going to take just the older kids down to Paekakariki beach (bigger waves and deeper) ... Charlotte is being her delightful self and wanting to go to, so I'll do the good mother thing and go down with them.

Friday, February 03, 2006

January re-cap/February Goals

January Goals -

Finish Christmas Elf - yes! and framed, thank you Kath and Katrina :)
Finish Wedding Blessing (*gulp*) - about 30mins away
Finish Rose Arbour - no
Stick to rotation and goals! - no

February Rotation Plans

Week one (3/2 - 12/2)
Saturday - Ornament RR
Sunday - Ornament RR
Monday - Celtic Summer
Tuesday - Rose Arbour
Wednesday to Saturday - Mirabilia RR
Sunday - Mirabilia RR/Faery Tales

Weeks two to three (13/2 - 28/2)
Monday - Mirabilia RR/Celtic Summer
Tuesday - Rose Arbour
Wednesday to Saturday pm - Ebay
Saturday evening - ED October Sky Sampler
Sunday - Faery Tales

February Goals

1. Finish Rose Arbour
2. 3 Ebay pieces - not sure what yet.
3. Finish October Sky Sampler
4. Finish 2 Ornament RRs and send them off
5. Finish Mirabilia RR and send off
6. Finish SAL Ornament
7. THIS month - stick to rotation plans

Nearly There!

I should finish the wedding sampler tonight ... in a few minutes if no more work comes in - woooohoooo! It seems to have taken me ages to the last little bit. I'll wash it tonight, dry it overnight and take it to the framer tomorrow - I'll be glad to have it done, but also very pleased with myself for doing it, I know Georgina will love it.

*darn it - spoke to soon, I've just had some work come in ... more soon ... LOL*

Okay - back again - although I've only had half the document ... why do these lawyers insist on changing the document 10x? (especially this particular partner ;)).

Anyway ... stitching! I am sooooo looking forward to stitching some ornaments this weekend, and then I'll be stitching my square for the Mirabilia RR.

Kids go back to school in 4 sleeps time ... it will be nice to get back into some sort of routine, although the getting up early is going to be hard! We have a practice run tomorrow because cricket starts - eek our kids, plus two extras to get out of the house by about 8.30am (that's about when I'm semi awake lately!).

That will do for now ... I must go and update/recap on my goals :)

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Haven't had much to say!

Gosh it's been a nearly a week since I last blogged ... so much for updating everyday! But in all honesty, I've gone to write an entry a couple of times and haven't had anything much to say.

Life has just been cruising - working, kids etc - kids are definitely ready to go back to school, as I am ready for them to go LOL. Last week we all drove each other nutty, this week I got them all to pick something they wanted to do and we've been out and about more which is mostly working - they seem to have calmed down a bit and be bickering a wee bit less.

Monday we played mini-golf and that big son bet me - much to his glee (it's one thing I can usually do better than him LOL).

Yesterday we went to see Narnia (at last!) I loved that book as a child, never got around to reading the whole series though. I thought the movie was pretty good - although whats with the Queen and dreadlocks? I thinking about borrowing Josh's book of the complete chronicles and reading all of them.

Wedding Blessing is coming along - I've got one corner to go, I think I realised at the end of last week that I was definitely going to get it finished in time, so slowed down! LOL ... I should finish it today/tomorrow. I'm am REALLY looking forward to our little stitching group tonight and stitching something different! We're starting our wee ornament SAL - I can't wait! (gosh, the small things that get me excited LOL).

I can't believe is is 1st of February already! ... I need to go through last months goals and make some for this month - I'll do that tomorrow so I have two posts in two days.

... and that's it ... a quiet life has got to be good though, right?