Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Haven't had much to say!

Gosh it's been a nearly a week since I last blogged ... so much for updating everyday! But in all honesty, I've gone to write an entry a couple of times and haven't had anything much to say.

Life has just been cruising - working, kids etc - kids are definitely ready to go back to school, as I am ready for them to go LOL. Last week we all drove each other nutty, this week I got them all to pick something they wanted to do and we've been out and about more which is mostly working - they seem to have calmed down a bit and be bickering a wee bit less.

Monday we played mini-golf and that big son bet me - much to his glee (it's one thing I can usually do better than him LOL).

Yesterday we went to see Narnia (at last!) I loved that book as a child, never got around to reading the whole series though. I thought the movie was pretty good - although whats with the Queen and dreadlocks? I thinking about borrowing Josh's book of the complete chronicles and reading all of them.

Wedding Blessing is coming along - I've got one corner to go, I think I realised at the end of last week that I was definitely going to get it finished in time, so slowed down! LOL ... I should finish it today/tomorrow. I'm am REALLY looking forward to our little stitching group tonight and stitching something different! We're starting our wee ornament SAL - I can't wait! (gosh, the small things that get me excited LOL).

I can't believe is is 1st of February already! ... I need to go through last months goals and make some for this month - I'll do that tomorrow so I have two posts in two days.

... and that's it ... a quiet life has got to be good though, right?


Kath said...

Ah, those last couple of weeks of the holidays, we have the bored teenager at home. She is enrolling today - it will be interesting.

See you tonight.... yes, looking forward to the ornament too.

Faith Ann said...

Quiet is definitely good :)

Carol said...

OK.... just waiting to see your next update pic of AWB - it must be gorgeous at this point!!! I am here to cheer you on as the wedding approaches!!

I agree with Faith Ann - Quiet is definitely good!