Monday, February 13, 2006


Ha! Did that get your attention? Almost as much as it got mine when Charlotte said "I've got all the nits out Mummy" after she'd brushed her hair ...

Eeeek! 0h no, wait ... it's a word mix up - Rhiannon tells me that Charlotte is mixed up and means KNOTS *phew* LMAO

It's lucky she's so funny - it makes up for the stubborness and rudeness that pops out of her mouth as well ;)

We've just been to gym, and I've had at least half the parents suggest that I should have her in the older class (in a nice way, don't get me wrong) ... problem is, the next class is the "school" age class - she's not school age until November! ... and yes, I agree, she's going to be bored silly by the end of the year, and yes, she needs to be pushed more - BUT there is no way my shy little girl is going to let me sit and watch her and not be on the floor with her - which is a requirement for those older classes *sigh* I wish her social shyness was in line with her physical abilities - it would make life easier. And this will sound like a total brag (and probably semi is LOL) ... but I get tired of the gasps of wonder every time we start a new year/term with different parents/children - yep, she's good, yep she's got an older sister and has been around the gym since she was a babe in my arms, yep, yep, yep ... but I'm shy like she is, and am embarrassed everytime too!

... and sticking to the gym subject - I think I'm going to the club's committee meeting tonight (yeah, Kath I can hear you - don't over do it, not *another* committee! LOL) ... but reality is, we're going to be involved for a few years to come, and I do like to give back and help where I can. In a lot of ways it will be nice to join a committee as a "parent" and "help" rather than the admin and reporting responsibilties I have with soccer and cricket.

I still haven't started stuffing envelopes - I haven't been able to get hold of the man who runs Sport Kapiti to go and use their photocopier - I did email DH before and ask him if he could do the first 100 or so at work so I can at least get started - I also didn't do a lot of stitching either. Took ages to polish those trophies - they did look good afterwards though! ... then our friend Deb popped in (arranged with her to have Charlotte Friday AND Saturday night - Rhiannon has an ear appointment on Friday afternoon and as per tradition wants just her and Mummy to do some shopping and have some lunch beforehand, and Saturday is Georgie's wedding, I'm relieved to have that detail taken care of!) - then I went for a quick bike-ride, then off to the BBQ - got home about 10pm and did half an hour, but that was it.

Today isn't looking much better - it's nearly after school time, then I've promised oldest DS to look at soccer boots - another sister (I only have five of them LOL) works in the sports shop and she's going to arrange it that we can take them AND pay them off - bit naughty but she assures me it will be fine, as long as I pay a regular amount for a few weeks, which is such a life saver right now, anyway - need to do that as promised, organise dinner, do some banking, mail some stuff - then off to the gym committee meeting.

Did I mention just yesterday I was getting lots of stitching time - ha! serves me right for tempting fate by writing that down!


Jackie R said...

Wow, Lisa!!! You truly amaze me. How in the heck do you find all the time to do what you do??? LOL, girl you put me to shame!!

Kath said...

Gads Lisa, you do need to take time for yourself and yes I had a chuckle about you on another committee. I do understand the why though.

Love Charlotte and her NITS!! She is a classic.

Will email you too.

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