Sunday, February 19, 2006

LOTS of photos!

Of my sister's wedding - not stitching!

It was a gorgeous day ... lovely sunshine, happy bride and groom, happy guests ... and no disasters - what more could you ask for?

My Dad and Georgie arriving -

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Georgie and John -

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I love this next one, although it makes me cry everytime I look at it - Stephie is Georgie's twin and I think it was a really huge day for her, in some ways I think she should have given G away, rather than Dad - they are soooo close and it must feel like she is losing apart of herself - kwim? John was lovely (and funny) in the speeches about the two of them and obviously really understands how it will always be him, Georgie and in a funny sort of way Stephie too. Anyway, I just love the reflective look in this photo -

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Georgie and Stephie

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They did this wonderful "joining together" symbolic thing with sand - this is John, Georgie (hidden) and John's four daughters all putting their sand in together.

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and the container afterwards -

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... and some random photos :)

My biggest son (it's not often I get a good picture of him, he usually hides!) -

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My niece Tracy, and Rhiannon -

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Me and my girl -

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My parents

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... and lastly ... my framed wedding piece for them :)

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Sorry about the big photos - anyone want to give me instructions on Photobucket to get them smaller? I just assumed it would be like Picturetrail where they must cut them down a bit? My Picturetrail album is just about chock-a-block ... plus I need to pay my annual fee, and I'm not sure where it's coming from ... so I thought I'd give Photobucket ago - but I'm not sure about the huge photos!

Sunday here today and I have a ton of laundry and housework to catch up on - hopefully next week will be MUCH quieter!


Rowyn said...

What beautiful photos, it looks like a wonderful and happy day was had by all. I always edit my photos to a smaller size before adding them to Photobucket. Although, as I'm no techno-whizz there may be an easier way!?

Katrina said...

Lisa, the photos from yesterday are wonderful, Georgie looks so happy and I love her dress as well as Stephie's dress. Sounds like you all had a fabulous day and I hope you have nice relaxing day today. (the sand glass was a lovely idea too :) )

Kath said...

Lisa, looked like a fabulous day and you all look so lovely and happy and just everything. I just loved the photos and to heck with them being big. (I use photobucket and we might have to get together.)

Best wishes to the happy couple.

Faith Ann said...

Those photos are beautiful!! I love seeing pics of your family :)

I love the dresses and flowers...beautiful!

Pam said...

Loved looking at all the photos Lisa. Your gift turned out lovely all framed up! About Photobucket, I usually use another program to resize them before I upload to Photobucket, so not sure if or how you make them smaller there? Also, I think there is a way to make them smaller in your blog html as well, but considering I just started my blog this week, I am no help there yet LOL. Thanks again for sharing, I love reading your blog!

Jenna said...

Beautiful, beautiful photos! Everyone looked wonderful and so happy! Thanks for sharing them. :)

Carol said...

Oh, what gorgeous photos! So glad I visited here today!!

Yep, I can help you! Go to Photobucket and for each of the huge photos hit the edit button, and reduce them to either 50 or 25% - go back to your blog and see they will already be resized for you and your sidebar will reappear :-)

OK, you got me crying over the Stephie and Georgie too now!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Thanks for sharing the pictures they are lovely, such a happy day for all. The framed piece came out great I'm sure they will cherish it. CJ

Valerie (grvlgal) said...

What a lovely wedding! Thanks for sharing the pictures. :)

Jackie R said...

Oh, Lisa! The wedding was the outdoors! I can't believe how big your kids are getting....but I guess all of them are, huh?? You look great......was that the top you made?? Very pretty color! :) Great Pics........thanks for sharing!!

AnneS said...

Oh wow, the wedding photos are just awesome ... sorry I missed out on seeing them sooner, but I'm soooo behind on reading blogs. That's my challenge today - to catch up again! It was lovely to share that special day with your family - and your framed marriage sampler is stunning! Way to go!!! :D Glad to posed the question about Photobucket too ... I've been using MS Paint to shrink some photos for my sidebars etc, then uploading into Photobucket - now I know I can try to edit the size directly in Photobucket (thanks Carol!) ... will have to try that next time! I have so much to learn about this stuff ...