Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Bits and Pieces

I wish I could think of more exciting titles! But today, I really do have lots of bits and pieces to let escape out of my head ... now to remember them all.

I hope no-one thought I was serious in my last post about strangling my daughter - she is difficult sometimes, but the cuteness makes up for it ... I'd never hurt her!

Okay ... first up ... just for all you catlovers out there (I pretend I'm not, but maybe I've got a wee little soft spot ... maybe ...)

I must be the only person that has switching channel wars with the cat! Maisie insisted on sitting on top of the cable box ... me being the softie (whoops - let that one out of the bag) I am - didn't throw her off, but got the remote to change the channel back after every time she sat too hard on one of the numbers!

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From animals to children ...

I am so cross with the High School, and am trying to think of the best way to compain to them - whether it's better to have a quiet chat, write an official complaint letter or what ... here's what happened ...

On Saturday David (14.5yo) hurt his back playing cricket, pretty sure it is pulled muscle down the side, the poor boy could hardly move, he was okay if he was still, but getting in and out of chairs or bed or moving suddenly was obviously very painful. The High School had Athletics Day yesterday - I said to him that maybe he should stay at home, he said no - he wanted to go and watch his mates but could I write him a note so he didn't actually have to participate. Which I did.

He came home yesterday in a right mood, turns out if you don't bring your PE gear you are automatically put in a fenced off section in the middle of the grounds, away from everyone else, where you can't even see all the events properly ... basically treated like animals. On top of that, in his words so excuse all racist implied comments ;), "I had to sit all day with a bunch of dumb Maoris who thought it was really funny to call me fatty all day" ... I am really wild, this is my boy who HAS struggled with his weight but over the summer has been going to the gym five days a week, started jogging, all to get his fitness to a point where he can try out for the top soccer team ... he. does. not. need. that. sort. of. crap.

So, you genuinely injure yourself, where the injury would get worse if he'd participated, make a very responsible decision to go to school anyway to support your friends and get treated like an animal? ohhhh I am cross.

BTW - his back is getting lots better, and I imagine will recover before the rest of the week.

... and from Children to Stitching ...

Here is the latest progress picture of Celtic Summer - I had a lovely stitching evening last night, Mondays have suddenly become hopeless with gym in the afternoon, then more often than not various meetings in the evening - so I might have to switch this one to a Tuesday night now I've finished Rose Arbour - Tuesdays are usually one of my more productive days :)

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I also picked up Faery Tales for the first time in at least a month on Sunday - but it's still a small black blob, so not really worth taking a picture of.

Here is a picture of Rhiannon's very slow WIP - I can't believe how filthy it is! Those little 7yo fingers must get very grubby, I need to start training her to wash her hands before she stitches! She picks it up spasmodically - but is doing really well - I help guide her in the right direction as to what crosses to do, and start her off - but she does the rest by herself now ... it is a picture from an English Magazine - can't remember off-hand what one.

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Can't remember what other exciting things I was going to say - they'll come back to me, I'm sure!


Pam said...

Oh Lisa, I'd be furious about what happened with David. Having struggled with weight all my life, I know how much that must have hurt him. I hope you can resolve it to your satisfaction. Your cat is cute, I am not a cat lover either.. ahem, but my silly cat always is trying to get up on my lap when I'm stitching, he only does it when I'm stitching. Last but not least your update is gorgeous, I love that fabric choice and Rhiannon's stitching is great, Kerstin is getting interested so I suppose I should gather some things for her to try. Doh, sorry this is so long, it's supposed to be a comment, not a novel LOL

Dawn said...

CS looks great! Your daughter is doing a wonderful job on her WIP.

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on CS. She is so pretty. It is wonderful that your daughter has started to stitch, even if she is slow at it. Hopefully it is something she will continue to enjoy!

Kath said...

Poor David. I thought what the school did to those kis is not right anyway. I will be interested to see howit all turns out.

awwww, and you are not a cat lover!! yeah right Ms Lisa!!! LOL

Loved your update too, and isn't Rhiannon coming along with her stitching too. She has a great teacher there to guide her.

Anne said...

What a day for your son, I think you should speak to someone and voice how upset you are. Speak to the Principle over the phone if you do not want to in person. Love your stitching and your daughters. Have a great day. Anne L

Gill said...

No wonder you're cross - I'd be absolutely livid if one of my kids was treated that way.

Your Celtic Summer is gorgeous...makes me want to start her too :) And your daughter's stitching is very good indeed for her age!