Monday, April 24, 2006

Long time, no blog!

I lost my blogging mojo! I just haven't had a lot to say, that's got to be good, right? I haven't even had any good stitching updates. I'm busy working on Celtic Summer, have started the beading and will wait until I've finished before I take a picture ... but oh my, that beading is sooo slow.

I should update on the Royal visit - it wasn't "so" bad ... MIL I think was making an effort - although there were some classic comments, but she was bearable, I still find it a total waste of a day though - and no, I won't bring out my stitching while she is there because she always manages to make some comment about cross-stitching "being boring and way too easy to be enjoyable" ... so I just don't go there. Anyway - deed is done, hopefully for a while!

Yesterday we had DH's cousin and his wife (Mike and Lisa - yeah, another Lisa LOL) plus five of their six children (some hers, some his, youngest theirs) - they all kind of match boys/girls and ages with our kids which is pretty cool - they all played pretty well together, although I must admit taking an instant dislike to the little girl Rhiannon's age and wasn't surprised when Rhiannon said to me afterwards that Teiana was bossy and she didn't like her much (but Rhiannon being the laid-back little girl she is obviously took it into her stride and coped fine!).

What else have I been doing? I've worked extra shifts, which is GREAT for the bank balance, in fact we've caught up enough that I'm hoping to buy Josh's birthday gifts (for July) with some of my overtime, it will be one less worry come July - soccer will have slowed down then too, which means less income for me ;) ... I've been busy sewing leotards, after seeing my girls I've had a couple of requests from other mothers AND I need to get going and sew 40 little beanbag squares for the gym club ... hmmm wonder why there is no stitching updates? LOL

I'll leave you with a photo of the evil MIL and Charlotte - it is quite sweet really ;)

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Monday, April 17, 2006

A stitching update!

Firstly, a purple blob ... which has take a long time to stitch! I suppose this is my first official HAED ... funny enough called a "Quick Stitch" and I believed it! LOL ... I, in mny usual silly optimistic way, did think it would stitch up a lot faster ... I thought it would be a good Easter project.

This is on 32ct - I started Faery Tales on 25ct and decided I didn't like that - and this would be a good practice on a different fabric, I'm thinking that 28ct is probably the perfect balance, I'll try my next one on that before starting my life time project (Faery Tales). I've got into the rhythm of stitching 10x10 blocks - I've tried going right across, I've tried 20x20 blocks ... but the 10x10 really does work well - I still don't like that you can see the block - but I try to make sure a few stitches finish off over the 10, so it's not so obvious. I think I'm getting faster now I'm getting into a better rhythm as well.

Next up is our NZ SAL ornament - we've picked out 12? or maybe 10, one for each month and we have turns kitting up the speciality threads and passing them on to all of us - a bit like the ornament RR's, except we've got it all pre-piced out for the year. We stitch them at the beginning of each month. I stitched this at work on Thursday night - I didn't have a beading needle, so need to put the last few beads on that wouldn't fit through my petite needle, and pick up some extra sparkly threads that I ran out of from Kath - it was quick, fun stitch!

In case you haven't noticed, I've completely blown my rotation this month - I'm kinda hoping I'll still reach the goals ... but I'm having fun just stitching :)

and in life beyond stitching ... we have the Royal visit tomorrow - otherwise known as the in-laws visiting - I haven't seen them for 18mths or so ... the kids haven't seen them for over a year (and in 4yo innocence I heard Charlotte say to Rhiannon this morning "I don't really know those ones") ... there's been some issues (they only live 45min drive away), which I don't think will ever be worked through, but we're being polite. David asked what he should ask her to bring (meaning to help with lunch) ... I told him her positive attitude would be good, if she can find it - which basically sums it up - she is the most negative, bitter person I have met - a very small part of me feels sorry for her - the other part can't be bothered, especially when I know that she is very negative, bitter and plain backstabbing about us. But you've got to do what you've got to do ... I'm sure we will survive! So, anyway, today is tidying and making the house look sparkly for her ;)

So far my Easter weekend has been very productive - I've made 3 leotards (2 pink ones with skirts - one for Charlotte and one for a friend to give to her niece as a birthday gift and one plain black one for Rhiannon to train in), two pairs of bike pants (to go with Rhiannon's leotard) and a poncho. Today I'd like to maybe make a couple of bags as little girl gifts - we'll see though, I might be all sewn out, plus I need to do the house work thing, and get ready for soccer meeting tomorrow night.

Hope you are all having a lovely Easter :)

Saturday, April 15, 2006

A very quick one ...

to show off (one) of the photos I took today - this is Cameron in action, I managed to anticipate the shot and push the button just at the right time (something I find hard with a digital camera and the kids' sports pictures).

Image Hosting by

This was in their final game for 1st/2nd place ... they lost 1-0 - but played really well, they're a great team :)

I promise to go back to stitchy photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Roller-coasting ...

that what my life seems to be like at the moment ... full of ups, and downs, and ups, and downs ...

Break glasses - panic about cost - insurance will pay - phew.

Apply for new income support (working families FIRST time we actually qualify for help) ... first payment goes in today. They obviously didn't know where we lived before that ... bill for over $1000 tax owed by DH comes in mail today - half of that is interest and late penalties, they haven't sent us a statement since 2003, which I don't for the life of me remember seeing ... I think it may have gone to our old address, although we moved in 2000, anyway, there goes the first six months or so of the extra money we really needed.

Had great parent/teacher interviews with the primary school kids' teachers yesterday. Today Cameron comes home from school to tell me he got winded by a ball in his stomach and lost consciousness for a few seconds ... the school DIDN'T ring me! ... usually I'm complaining (not actually to them) that they ring about stupid little things.

I'm sure there are other things, just seems to be the story of my life right now ... good news, then bad news.

But heck - we're still alive, still healthy and still mostly smiling!

No stitching news - I didn't even touch it yesterday, this week is one of those crazy ones! Yesterday the kids finished school early for the interviews, a friend dropped around, back and forth to soccer training etc, then gymnastics meeting.

Today shouldn't be too bad.

Tomorrow is crazy - Charlotte has eye appointment with the specialist in Wellington, I'll take her to the zoo afterwards as a treat (and BIG bribe! LOL), Cameron has his eye appointment straight after school, then Rhiannon to gym, Rhiannon to soccer, supposed to be going to Mum and Dad's for dinner (not sure how I'll fit that in yet), Cameron's teacher suggested I try and get an interview with his maths teacher (he is VERY good at maths and she doesn't think he is being extended enough but she can't complain, we need to), any way that will be after 6.00pm sometime, pick up Rhiannon from gym, then I think I've got a meeting at school for ski-camp fundraising ... AND I want to get to Kath's for our wee stitching group. Hope DH has a quiet day and can come home a bit earlier to help out.

Thursday I want to get soccer reports, cricket etc DONE because I want to give myself the long weekend off.

Oh - and I should mention Josh's teacher interview ... he scored highest in the school on the National English test they have them do ... and he's a Year 7 (school goes through to Year 8) ... he's one brainy boy :D Funny how he is definitely English based, and Cameron is math based though - they are only 17mths apart in age, but like chalk and cheese in looks, personality, everything - amazing to watch really.

Enough rambling? Have a good day everyone :)

Monday, April 10, 2006


Woohooo! Happy, happy, happy dance :)

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Love and Wisdom - The Drawn Thread
Stitched on Cream Belfast Linen, started 1 April 2006, finished 9 April 2006

Here are some closer pictures of it - this really was a fun stitch, I just love all the different speciality stitches (admittedly, some a lot less than others! LOL).

Image Hosting by Image Hosting by Image Hosting by

Carol - go for it! You've inspired me so much with your stitching and blog, that I'm pleased I can do the same.

I rang the insurance company this morning, and they do indeed cover glasses - whats even more impressive is basically I just give the optomerist the claim no., pay them the $100 insurance excess plus the eye examination that we'll get done for Cameron while we're getting new ones anyway ... and that's all I have to do - it doesn't seem to matter that the glasses we are planning on getting are a good $200 more than the original ones - they need to be replaced so they just go with it ... seems way to easy to me, I think DH needs to accidently break his! You know, this is the FIRST insurance thing we've ever claimed on for our house/contents insurance - and that would be over about 18 years, I'm beginning to think that maybe we are just too honest and trusting and maybe we should think of that option more often - heck, we pay for it, don't we!

Now just need to keep fingers and everything else crossed that everything goes well with Charlotte's trip to the opthomologist (eye specialist) on Wednesday ... she has the same genetic eye problem (long-sightedness) as Josh and Cameron, but it doesn't seem too bad - this is a last "just to be sure" check before she turns 5yo, so we're not really expecting to come away with a script needing them, but I'll still keep everything crossed, just in case ;)

Thanks for all your encouragement while I wildly stitched my sampler - it makes stitching so much more rewarding when you know other people who appreciate it are admiring it as well.

Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Sunday!

and I'm nearly there :)

I've reached the bottom ... so not far to go. Hopefully today - all going well! I'm a bit worried I'm going to run out of the dark Olive - I'm on to my last length - eek!

I'm determined that today will be a better day - it didn't get better yesterday, I ended up with a full blown tantrum from Charlotte and putting her to bed earlier, which included things being thrown, yelling, kicking ... and that was just Charlotte - I actually remained pretty calm. Funny enough she went to sleep pretty quickly so I'm picking she was pretty tired.

Mr 14yo and I are trying to work out a "healthy lifestyle" competition ... he has been inspire by the TV programme "Biggest Loser" ... and the fact he is feeling pretty unfiit. I desperately need something to click in my head to make me want to eat right and exercise again - we're both hoping some healthy competition will set us on the right track.

The first thing I need to do is set myself into a really good routine, I'm thinking if I answer and process any emails first thing in the morning (before my usual breakfast surfing) it will give me a head start, and even if I just do 30min of exercise, that will be better than nothing - hopefully then meaning I have time for work, housework and of course stitching. We'll see.

... and talking of work - it's time to go do some, including tidying my desk, so I can sit and stitch this afternoon :)

An everyday miracle - Anyone can discover a milion miracles in a single day. There are three steps to this. First, consider the miracle of technology. Next, dwell on the fact that technology cannot reproduce a single blade of grass. Then comes the last step: find a lawn.

Saturday, April 08, 2006


Can't think of any appropriate word to put with it today. I don't have an update of Love and Wisdom - mainly because I didn't do a whole lot yesterday, and most of all I can't be bothered going allll the way to the other end of the house to get it and take a photo! This entry is purely so I can rant and rave and whine ... so if you aren't into reading ranting, raving and whining ... don't bother reading any further ;)

Maybe I'll just do a shortened version ...

Cameron came home from camp with seriously broken glasses - took them in this morning, they are beyond repair. We'll get his eyes retested and new glasses ... the one's he wants (and needs for his active lifestyle) are $400, just for the frames ... so much for Love and Wisdom being used to treat us. I'm wondering if it is tempting fate by having him have his tested the same day Charlotte is having hers done (Wednesday) ... I can see that becoming a very expensive day.
(Editing to add a note for Pat who I know reads this ... It's all Richard's fault - he told Cameron to put his glasses in his pocket, they fell out, got rolled on, and then Richard STOOD on them! ~ but don't say anything ... he really did need a new pair and we were putting it off until we could afford it - I'm actually hoping he might have done us a favour and we can maybe (just maybe, please, please!) get insurance to help pay for them ;))

House is a pigstye.

DH took it upon himself to yell at a kid misbehaving at the playground, the mother was there, the mother is the office person at the gym. I'm still mortified and really angry with him.

I can't stop thinking about how nice it would be to live in an apartment, alone, and not have to continuouslly deal with crap.

Mostly - I'm treading a fine line between handling my busy life, and not handling it .. today that fine line is about as fine as a hair.

I promise to be happy tomorrow ... AND have a good update of Love and Wisdom.

Friday, April 07, 2006

Frustrating Friday

It was going to be freaky ... but I've tried to upload a photo that didn't work, tried to finish off a newsletter for soccer and our internet connection stopped working, sitting here thinking about all the housework I should be doing, but I'm tired and need to work up the energy to do it ... so it's got to be a frustrating, rather than freaky!

Here's the latest update - not a whole lot different to yesterday's, which I suspected would be the case ... a shame when work and children get in the way of stitching, but it happens! LOL

Work again today ... I think I'll work on the dark green border on the train on the way to work, then hopefully I'll get a chance to finish at least the inner sampler ... I might finish it by the end of the weekend! Although I really need to do some sewing, I have lots of ideas and lots of fabric ... just not enough time to do everything I want to.

Should have been a sports free day (the one and only between cricket and soccer seasons) tomorrow, but Cameron has a "practice" game with the grade above them tomorrow - got to the love the coach who obviously loves his soccer more than a free Saturday. Next weekend it's Easter and tournament weekend, then the weekend after Cameron starts the season (he plays Premier League, so different timetable and district to the other kids) ... and the other kids start the weekend after - definitely no rest for the wicked - and I must have been VERY wicked LOL

Had teacher/parent interviews at high school yesterday - I was dreading the maths one after being asked to go, and having got an email a couple of weeks ago about David being disruptive in class - but it went well, he has obviously listened to us when we've been saying no matter what he thinks of the teacher, how much they obviously clash etc, he has to deal with it and cope with it. She said he has been much better and she will let us know if there are a difficulties again, and more important, that she feels he is coping fine with the work and that isn't an issue (we thought it might have been and that is why he was acting up). His English teacher obviously loves him and also said that after the PAT (some general school testing - can't remember what it stands for) he came out within the top couple of kids in the class - at about 16/17yo level, English has always been his thing and it's nice to see him not only doing well in it, but really enjoying it too. History was the only other teacher we saw and he's doing fine there too - so all in all he's still doing more than okay - which is a relief!

My clicky finger did some clicking at HAED the other day - I decided that before I restart Faery Tales I should practice with a little one, and make sure the 32ct fabric looks right (or maybe 28ct - I'm still undecided) - hows that for justification? I bought QS Summer Fairy and I'm dying to start it ... I think I'm going to kit it all up and make it an Easter project (shhhh ... did you hear someone mention April rotation?).

Righty oh - it's off to do housework, after I've sent this newsletter out - then off to work!

Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

... and another update! Karen - you said one more, have I persuaded you enough yet? It IS a fun stitch ... LOL

Thank you for ALL your comments, as always - they are very much appreciated!

Still not quite where I want to be (haven't been since I lost my Sunday afternoon stitching time ;)) ... today and tomorrow are my slow stitching days because I'm at work in the evening, even if there is no work, I still don't usually get as much stitching done as I would at home.

You know, I'm such a blonde sometimes ... it wasn't until I was looking at the next couple of sampler motifs coming up that I realised that every motif is labelled A-Z, I knew that, but thought it was just to follow which one was which ... but no, I only just realised as I read the "X" one and the chart says she couldn't think of anything else except x-stitch for it that I clicked that every motif not only is marked with A, B etc - but the particular stitch starts with that letter too e.g. Rug stitch (the red square blob ... which is most awful stitch I've ever done LOL!) ... and Darning for the the cross earlier on etc etc. I'm nearly at the end of those fiddly little stitches though - I'm hoping the rest of it grows pretty quickly after that.

Off to feed two little girls and quickly answer some emails so I'm ahead of myself for the morning :)

Mirror Image - Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Whacky Wednesday!

... life is always pretty whacky around here - so Whacky is definitely fitting!

Just a quick one today - I typed up a longer one earlier, but darn thing froze when I tried to upload the images.

Here is Love and Wisdom ... about half way I think! I'm a wee bit behind on my self-imposed schedule, but that's okay :)

Here is a close up - not sure how clear it is though - this is a such a fun stitch - all those different speciality stitches sure keep the old grey matter working ;)

New Broom - Laughter is the brush that sweeps away the cobwebs of the heart.

Have a good day everyone!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Terrific Tuesday!

Well - I'm not sure it is terrific, just pretty normal ... but Terrific is the only thing I could think of to put with Tuesday :)

Here is an update on Love and Wisdom - I'm not quite where I want to be ... but not too far off, hopefully today will be another good stitching day and I'll catch up.

(just used Blogger to upload the image, don't know why I've never tried that before - I usually load WIP's into a Picturetrail account, then copy paste the link ... it's MUCH easier doing it straight from the camera ... maybe you will get daily updates now! LOL)

I'm working on being organised and not letting soccer take over my life this week - last week I was mentally and physically exhausted to the point of nearly being in tears most of the time. This week is definitely a new week - I'm only working a couple of hours each morning, making sure I get a house "goal" (I cleaned the fridge yesterday) done every day ... and making sure I have time to stitch. It's only Tuesday, but I already feel so much better :)

Table 0f equivalents - "One machine can do the work of 50 ordinary men. No machine can do the work of one extraordinary man."

Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Morning

Start of a new week, start of a "try to be a daily blogger" kick ;)

... and even a daily update on Love and Wisdom, why do I always put DT's off - I just love stitching their charts ... all those speciality stitches are always so much fun to stitch!

Image Hosting by

Didn't quite finish the section I wanted to - something to do with little birthday parties to go to ... with a 4yo who doesn't want to be left by herself! I'm hoping for a good stitching day today though - need to do some soccer work (as usual), housework and then I'm planning to stitch, stitch and stitch!

Lunch Logic - If I were given the choice between my heart's desire and a cheese sandwich, I would definitely choose the cheese sandwich. After all, nothing's better than your heart's desire, and a cheese sandwich is better than nothing.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Sunday Smile

Catch that Smile
We can all get more out of our lives if we avoid building unnecessary fences - work and play belong to the same world, and the possibilities for laughter lie equally within each of them.

March Re-Cap/April Goals

It does the soul good to look back on the goals and what has been stitched in the past month, I've been so busy - but I've also pretty much kept up with what I wanted to do ... I wrote in my March Goal post that I thought I was being pretty optimistic, but I did okay! (mental pat on the back from me, to me)

March Goals

1. Finish October Sky Sampler - Yes!
2. Two Ornaments (SAL + one other) - Yes!
3. Finish Mirabilia RR and send off. - Yes!
4. Finish Toy Shop (old UFO) - Yes!
5. Finish Celtic Summer - not quite, should this month though.
6. 2 ebay pieces - just one (that sold yesterday :))
7. Stick to rotation. - pretty much, lost the plot at the end of the month.

April Goals

1. Finish DT - Love and Wisdom
2. NZ Ornament SAL
3. 1 More Ornament
4. Mirabilia RR and send off
5. Finish Celtic Summer
6. Restart Faery Tales
7. 1 other Ebay Piece

Optimistic again ... but that makes it fun :)

I've put my planned rotation as well as the goals on my sidebar ... one day I'll get time to work out how to make them look right on there too!

Catching up

I can't believe it's nearly been another week! I've had a hellishly busy week this week, I'm usually pretty mild and placid, but I sent a couple of grouchy emails to people, and was particularly grouchy to the bar manager of the club yesterday (after urgently needing some cash on Thursday night and ringing me about it Thursday morning, then as I dropped it off to him, telling me he needed another cheque by the next day ... which I did organise then rushed off to work and forgot about - so he was ringing at 7.30am yesterday asking about it - and grumpy with me because I hadn't got it to him ... hello? maybe he should have come and collected it off me ... last straw really!).

Anyway - that's boring stuff! ... stitching updates are so much more exciting :) I've had a bit of can't settle week - directly related to being stressed and having too much to do no doubt! I did do a bit on Celtic Summer - I just have the last of the right-hand border to do and the beads - she's nearly there!

Image Hosting by

I also started a needlebook/pouch thingee - can't remember the name of it ... but got bored of it after one night, I will get back to it - probably when I'm in a better mood ;)

Image Hosting by

and then on Friday when I needed to quickly grab something to start at work ... and couldn't be bothered with my usual WIP's - I started DT's Love and Wisdom. I'm going to sell this on ebay - but with a twist ... I'm doing it in silks and on linen and am going to try to get a really good sale for it - if I don't I'll keep it. DH and I celebrate 20yrs since our first date next month and I really really want us to go away for a weekend (we both need it!) - we can't afford it, so I want this to sell for enough to pay or accommodation ... if it doesn't, I'll keep it as a celebration of 20yrs ... fate will decide :D (yeah - I'm slightly warped, but it keeps life interesting! LOL).

Now in even more warped me stuff ... I've worked out that there are 7 repeats on the downward border, that's one repeat per day to get it stitched in a week ... do you think I can do it?

Here it is so far -

Image Hosting by

I've been given a great book called 1001 smiles ... I'm going to try and post a smile every day. So if I haven't got time to update my blog daily, at least I can make everyone smile ... and remind myself to.