Thursday, April 06, 2006

Thursday Thoughts

... and another update! Karen - you said one more, have I persuaded you enough yet? It IS a fun stitch ... LOL

Thank you for ALL your comments, as always - they are very much appreciated!

Still not quite where I want to be (haven't been since I lost my Sunday afternoon stitching time ;)) ... today and tomorrow are my slow stitching days because I'm at work in the evening, even if there is no work, I still don't usually get as much stitching done as I would at home.

You know, I'm such a blonde sometimes ... it wasn't until I was looking at the next couple of sampler motifs coming up that I realised that every motif is labelled A-Z, I knew that, but thought it was just to follow which one was which ... but no, I only just realised as I read the "X" one and the chart says she couldn't think of anything else except x-stitch for it that I clicked that every motif not only is marked with A, B etc - but the particular stitch starts with that letter too e.g. Rug stitch (the red square blob ... which is most awful stitch I've ever done LOL!) ... and Darning for the the cross earlier on etc etc. I'm nearly at the end of those fiddly little stitches though - I'm hoping the rest of it grows pretty quickly after that.

Off to feed two little girls and quickly answer some emails so I'm ahead of myself for the morning :)

Mirror Image - Life is like a mirror. If you frown at it, it frowns back; if you smile, it returns the greeting.


Katrina said...

Lisa, you are doing a super speedy job on this sampler - it looks wonderful. Enjoy your day.

KarenV said...

Lisa, you're doing so well! I think I would like to stitch the central sampler on its own, rather than the whole piece - I like the idea of all the different stitches, one for each letter of the alphabet.

Von said...

I'm enjoying your progress on this DT piece, as well as your daily blogging.
Keep up the good work!

Margaret said...

This sampler is gorgeous, Lisa.

Jenna said...

I'm having a lot of fun watching this one grow so quickly! I hope that you get top dollar for it, Lisa!