Monday, April 24, 2006

Long time, no blog!

I lost my blogging mojo! I just haven't had a lot to say, that's got to be good, right? I haven't even had any good stitching updates. I'm busy working on Celtic Summer, have started the beading and will wait until I've finished before I take a picture ... but oh my, that beading is sooo slow.

I should update on the Royal visit - it wasn't "so" bad ... MIL I think was making an effort - although there were some classic comments, but she was bearable, I still find it a total waste of a day though - and no, I won't bring out my stitching while she is there because she always manages to make some comment about cross-stitching "being boring and way too easy to be enjoyable" ... so I just don't go there. Anyway - deed is done, hopefully for a while!

Yesterday we had DH's cousin and his wife (Mike and Lisa - yeah, another Lisa LOL) plus five of their six children (some hers, some his, youngest theirs) - they all kind of match boys/girls and ages with our kids which is pretty cool - they all played pretty well together, although I must admit taking an instant dislike to the little girl Rhiannon's age and wasn't surprised when Rhiannon said to me afterwards that Teiana was bossy and she didn't like her much (but Rhiannon being the laid-back little girl she is obviously took it into her stride and coped fine!).

What else have I been doing? I've worked extra shifts, which is GREAT for the bank balance, in fact we've caught up enough that I'm hoping to buy Josh's birthday gifts (for July) with some of my overtime, it will be one less worry come July - soccer will have slowed down then too, which means less income for me ;) ... I've been busy sewing leotards, after seeing my girls I've had a couple of requests from other mothers AND I need to get going and sew 40 little beanbag squares for the gym club ... hmmm wonder why there is no stitching updates? LOL

I'll leave you with a photo of the evil MIL and Charlotte - it is quite sweet really ;)

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Kath said...

not a bad week then Lisa!!! Nice photo of Charlotte and Grandma.

We have a royal visit of our own - again - Lauren is coming home again tonight, dinner is on hold till she gets here!! Oh joy.... lol

Von said...

Glad the visit is over and wasn't totally unbearable, lol! These things must be endured.
I totally understand your instant dislike of Teiana - I get the same reaction every now and then to a child as well as an instant liking to some kids too, that just seem to fit well with me and my kids.

Heather said...

MIL's are a nightmare. Mine was a real pain when I was married and now I'm separated, she irritates me even more. We'll wait and see what happens after the divorce is final!!

Old Yankee Stitcher said...

Bearable is sometimes the best you can get from a MIL. I have a son and realize no woman will really be good enough for him. But it's my problem not the future DIL's hope I can remember that in the future.