Monday, April 03, 2006

Monday Morning

Start of a new week, start of a "try to be a daily blogger" kick ;)

... and even a daily update on Love and Wisdom, why do I always put DT's off - I just love stitching their charts ... all those speciality stitches are always so much fun to stitch!

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Didn't quite finish the section I wanted to - something to do with little birthday parties to go to ... with a 4yo who doesn't want to be left by herself! I'm hoping for a good stitching day today though - need to do some soccer work (as usual), housework and then I'm planning to stitch, stitch and stitch!

Lunch Logic - If I were given the choice between my heart's desire and a cheese sandwich, I would definitely choose the cheese sandwich. After all, nothing's better than your heart's desire, and a cheese sandwich is better than nothing.


Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, I love your progress so far on Love and Wisdom. I'll look forward to watching your progress on it as I haven't seen this one stitched up before.

hope you have a great stitchey day :)

Faith Ann said...

Your DT piece is looking really nice... I'm not familiar with a lot of their patterns, but I always love the pieces that I see other stitchers working on... maybe I need to do a little browsing :)

Celtic Summer is absolutely *stunning*... you're almost there!!