Friday, April 07, 2006

Frustrating Friday

It was going to be freaky ... but I've tried to upload a photo that didn't work, tried to finish off a newsletter for soccer and our internet connection stopped working, sitting here thinking about all the housework I should be doing, but I'm tired and need to work up the energy to do it ... so it's got to be a frustrating, rather than freaky!

Here's the latest update - not a whole lot different to yesterday's, which I suspected would be the case ... a shame when work and children get in the way of stitching, but it happens! LOL

Work again today ... I think I'll work on the dark green border on the train on the way to work, then hopefully I'll get a chance to finish at least the inner sampler ... I might finish it by the end of the weekend! Although I really need to do some sewing, I have lots of ideas and lots of fabric ... just not enough time to do everything I want to.

Should have been a sports free day (the one and only between cricket and soccer seasons) tomorrow, but Cameron has a "practice" game with the grade above them tomorrow - got to the love the coach who obviously loves his soccer more than a free Saturday. Next weekend it's Easter and tournament weekend, then the weekend after Cameron starts the season (he plays Premier League, so different timetable and district to the other kids) ... and the other kids start the weekend after - definitely no rest for the wicked - and I must have been VERY wicked LOL

Had teacher/parent interviews at high school yesterday - I was dreading the maths one after being asked to go, and having got an email a couple of weeks ago about David being disruptive in class - but it went well, he has obviously listened to us when we've been saying no matter what he thinks of the teacher, how much they obviously clash etc, he has to deal with it and cope with it. She said he has been much better and she will let us know if there are a difficulties again, and more important, that she feels he is coping fine with the work and that isn't an issue (we thought it might have been and that is why he was acting up). His English teacher obviously loves him and also said that after the PAT (some general school testing - can't remember what it stands for) he came out within the top couple of kids in the class - at about 16/17yo level, English has always been his thing and it's nice to see him not only doing well in it, but really enjoying it too. History was the only other teacher we saw and he's doing fine there too - so all in all he's still doing more than okay - which is a relief!

My clicky finger did some clicking at HAED the other day - I decided that before I restart Faery Tales I should practice with a little one, and make sure the 32ct fabric looks right (or maybe 28ct - I'm still undecided) - hows that for justification? I bought QS Summer Fairy and I'm dying to start it ... I think I'm going to kit it all up and make it an Easter project (shhhh ... did you hear someone mention April rotation?).

Righty oh - it's off to do housework, after I've sent this newsletter out - then off to work!

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Faith Ann said...

Love and Wisdom looks awesome!!

LOL. My job and *one* child get in the way of my stitching immensely, I'm amazed you get 5 minutes a week to stitch!!