Sunday, April 09, 2006

It's Sunday!

and I'm nearly there :)

I've reached the bottom ... so not far to go. Hopefully today - all going well! I'm a bit worried I'm going to run out of the dark Olive - I'm on to my last length - eek!

I'm determined that today will be a better day - it didn't get better yesterday, I ended up with a full blown tantrum from Charlotte and putting her to bed earlier, which included things being thrown, yelling, kicking ... and that was just Charlotte - I actually remained pretty calm. Funny enough she went to sleep pretty quickly so I'm picking she was pretty tired.

Mr 14yo and I are trying to work out a "healthy lifestyle" competition ... he has been inspire by the TV programme "Biggest Loser" ... and the fact he is feeling pretty unfiit. I desperately need something to click in my head to make me want to eat right and exercise again - we're both hoping some healthy competition will set us on the right track.

The first thing I need to do is set myself into a really good routine, I'm thinking if I answer and process any emails first thing in the morning (before my usual breakfast surfing) it will give me a head start, and even if I just do 30min of exercise, that will be better than nothing - hopefully then meaning I have time for work, housework and of course stitching. We'll see.

... and talking of work - it's time to go do some, including tidying my desk, so I can sit and stitch this afternoon :)

An everyday miracle - Anyone can discover a milion miracles in a single day. There are three steps to this. First, consider the miracle of technology. Next, dwell on the fact that technology cannot reproduce a single blade of grass. Then comes the last step: find a lawn.


Carol said...

Yay! I can't wait to see this get finished! I might ditch my An Open Heart for a bit and swap it out to do this one... yes, I think I will, thanks to you :-)

Von said...

You've really moved along quickly on this one! It's such a beautiful piece. :D

KarenV said...

You're doing great Lisa - nearly finished now! Hope you're having a better day today :)

Margaret said...

Gorgeous still! And almost done! WOW!!