Sunday, December 31, 2006

2006 ... on to 2007

Well, it's New Years Eve ... lucky us get to spend it with my in-laws ... MIL, FIL, SIL .. and cousin from the MIL side of the family who fits in well with them - good thing is? There is a one day cricket match on today - which means I can leave the TV on, watch that and knit while pretending to listen to them ;)

Anyway - 2006! I went back and looked at my goals and really, I didn't make any LOL - I said I'd go back after I'd sorted through all my stash etc ... but well, probably in tune with how 2006 was, I never got around to it.

So here is what I finished - I've put some years next to the bigger things that were old pieces that I finished this year - I'm pleased that I did indeed finish a couple of older WIP's.

2006 Finishes
16 Ornaments
6 RR pieces
Christmas Elf Fairy - Mirabilia
Apache Wedding Blessing
Season of Rest - LHN
October Sky Sampler - ED
Kitty Sampler Cottage - LHN
Rose Arbour - Mirabilia (2002)
Toy Shop - Patricia Anane (2002?)
Birdhouse Needleroll - SB
Love and Wisdom - DT
To the Sea - JBW
Celtic Summer - L&L (2005)
Britty Cat - Brittercup
English Garden Pocket - DT
Redwork Needlebook - DT
Rose Sampler - LHN
Tall Oaks - PS
Be True - SB
Daisy Lane - LHN
Little Pink Houses - M Designs
Halloween Fairy - Mirabilia
Christmas Sampler - PS
Woodland Cottage - ED
Summer Fairy - HAED
Pink Carnations - Sweetheart Tree
Evergreen - Blackbird Designs

Wow! I sold quite a few of these on ebay - so haven't kept them all, and quite a few were exchanges - which were a lot of fun this year!

Now 2007 ... I still need to think about this and list some things down (gosh, that sounds like 2006!). But my biggest goal is to become more organised and selective about what I stitch. I'm only going to start things that I plan to finish completely, as in get them framed, make them up into smalls, or whatever. I plan to do more quilting, card-making and sewing - so the finishing part will hopefully be more realistic. I have SO many unframed pieces and I end up selling them because we need the money or they just sit rolled up. I think over the past few weeks this has affected my mood and enthusasim - hence my new goal, I want stitching to become exciting for me again :)

I also plan on digging out all my WIP's (I have more than a few) and listing them on my side bar and crossing them off as I finish them - another 2007 goal is to be a lot more organised with my stash - it is all over the place right now!

So 2007 -
  • Finish every finish - therefore selective starts.
  • List and work on old WIPs
  • Organise my stash

With that - Happy New Year everyone, may it be a happy and healthy one!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Bags, Bags, Bags ...

Just a quick post to show the four bags I made for Christmas Gifts ... anyone sick of bags yet? LOL (Pauline, I'll email you about them!).

First one was for Tracy, my niece - more of a late Birthday gift, thank you for being good with my girls gift (we don't usually do gifts for nieces/nephews - too many of them!), Teddy one for my mother, cats with quilting fabric for David's Aunt and nice bright pink one for David's cousin. They were all received very well!

As you can see, I'm also trying to set up my Blog ready for 2007 ... there's things I've noticed in other peoples blogs I like, and lists I want to keep :) I'd still like to set it up with pretty pictures etc but haven't worked out how to do that with the new Blogger - not sure if I ever will!

Next post should be my 2006 update - 2007 goals, should be interesting! LOL

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Christmas Eve

The kids are asleep,
Magic dust has been scattered over the front lawn to guide the reindeer,
The gifts are wrapped,
All is ready to go!

I must say there is nothing like the magic in a 5yo's eyes who is still enchanted by the magic of Santa and Christmas ... Charlotte was straight to bed, and straight to sleep so Santa could come as soon as possible :)

Merry Christmas everyone ... thank you for the friendship and support over the past year, I'm only sorry I haven't had the time to be as supportive to other people as I'd like. But 2007 is a whole new year with lots of promise :)

Relax, and enjoy the Christmas spirit ... travel safely and be happy!

Friday, December 22, 2006

Gifts galore!

'Tis the season for giving (and receiving!).

First up - a bag I made for Cameron's teacher - she has taught him for two years and is just the most amazing teacher. He is VERY sad that he can't have her next year! His request to me was that Mrs Ross loves giraffes, so I had to make something with a giraffe theme. After looking and looking, I finally found the perfect fabric (with a bit of help from a friendly shop assistant!) - I love the way this one turned out, and she was very appreciative too :)

Next, it was time for gifts for teachers and gym coaches - lots of kids = lots of gifts! So I made (with help from two little girls) lots of gingerbread men, which we then put into plastic bags and tied Christmasy ribbon around ... everyone seemed to like them.

Next up - Christmas, just wouldn't be Christmas, without our NZ Doris exchange! ... this is the ornament I stitched for Wendy, I put in some other little goodies, but didn't have time to take a photo (being Queen of last minute putting things in the mail, that I am!).

I was lucky enough to have Kath draw my name out, she made me this lovely Noel banner and added these wonderful gifts - I have got right into the card making lately, so these were perfect! Thank you again Kath!

Then I had this beautiful ornament turn up in mail box from Katrina ... just a "because" ornament - as usual, Katrina's work is perfect! Thank you again Katrina!

Next up ... my work always give all their employees a gift every year (lawyers are obviously doing all right ;)) - and they always do a good job ... as an aside, I can't believe the way some of the women I work with complain about their gifts not being any good etc etc ... I don't know anyone else who has employers so generous! I am apparently in the minority this year at thinking this is a GREAT gift! LOL ... you can't see properly on the photo - but the top part unzips (as shown) and there are four wine glasses, good utensils (real ones, not plastic!), a cork screw, bottle opener, salt and pepper shaker, napkins, chopping board ... everything needed for a picnic. Then the bottom is quite big and upzips to show a nice big cooler bag - with separate bag inside with a picnic blanket, plus of course a bottle of wine AND the book of Wellington walks - which we've been saying we must find ... so perfect.

and last, but definitely not least - a sort of gift - Rhiannon made this cute little ornament at a class at the local scrapping/card making store yesterday - her friend paid for the class as a birthday gift and the two of them went and did it yesterday - isn't it cute! She also made a gorgeous card.

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Evening Carols ... NZ Style

Something our primary school does annual is have a Christmas Carol evening - a final evening as the end of school is coming to a close. I've always loved community carols, so this is one of my favourite events of the school year!

We had a perfect evening for it - which was wonderful after such an awful start to summer, there is hope! These photos are taken about 7.30-8.00pm in the evening, I bet the lighting and battle with sunlight shining straight into the camera is different than the carols by candle light in the cold, dark, snowy Northern Hemisphere :)

Charlotte (in purple ducked down) and their syndicate item.

Rhiannon's syndicate - but gives a view of the school and bright summers evening.

Rhiannon in full voice.

I should note that Josh and Cameron, where indeed there - and I do love them just as much as the girls - but the lovely photo I got of Cameron has mysteriously been deleted off the camera (little toad), and Josh managed to hide at the back of lots of people for the whole evening!

Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank you Joanie!

*I won't even mention my lack of blogging updates!*

Thank you Joanie! ... I received a lovely pin-keep ornament in the mail a few days ago ... apologies for the lateness in letting you know it had arrived, lets just say it's crazy time of the year!

Here is a picture of the ornament, and goodies.

Not only is it a lovely ornament - but I can use it to copy *blush* ... I have about four ornaments I have put together, but they are waiting for cording - instead on slow sewing cording on I'm going to copy Joanie's and make them into pin-keeps instead - it looks MUCH faster!

Thank you again Joanie ... I love the Lizzie Kate chart and little notepad too - they are perfect for me :)
Life is definitely slowing down now - so I hope to update my blog more regularly AND comment on other blogs. My New Years Resolution is going to be to say NO! ... which equates to making more ME time ... which means more exercise, more time to eat right, and more importantly - more time for my hobbies and blogging :)

Monday, December 04, 2006

Life ... and all it's trials!

So, what's been happening over the last week? ... remember everyone, I said life would SLOW DOWN when Charlotte went to school, and I'd be finishing soccer at the same time ... shall we do this as bullet points? Lets see what I can remember ...

  • Charlotte has settled into school.

  • I've been on an Estuary Trip with her class.

  • Soccer AGM was yesterday - organised all of that, minutes, agenda, remits, accounts etc. Done and finished now. I am meeting with the lady taking my place on Wednesday - hopefully I will hand everything over and be finished with it then.

  • Cricket Rep Manager decided he was too busy to get together quotes etc for their matches - away/accommodation/vans etc plus funding for them. So I got landed with the job. Fast forward to last week when he threw a hissy fit because he didn't know what was happening, say what?

  • Cameron has played two rep matches and done very well - but DH is manager so for a couple of Sundays/weekends I've been flying solo.

  • Charlotte went away this weekend just gone! ... but I was too busy to savour the peace LOL

  • Gym prize-giving yesterday - Rhiannon got Most Improved, that makes a clean sweep for her this year, Cricket, Soccer and Gym - she received the Most Improved award for each sport - she must have been working hard all year :)

  • It's rained, and rained.

  • Just over a week ago I managed to *nearly* rip my big toe nail off - it's been yucky and sore ever since. Not sure if I should go and get it cut/ripped off (oh yay).

  • Which has meant my good intentions of walking have fallen flat - I did last week with my friend but ended up with a really sore foot from scrunching it up in my shoe to avoid my toe hurting - wayyy to much info, right?

  • Um, not sure what else ... but just to carry on with the never quite doing what I want too - the Chairperson of cricket just rang to see if I could go and have a meeting in half an hour about the budget ... so much for putting ornaments together!

and ... can't have a stitching blog without pictures, right?

Here are a couple of things I've stitched in the last week :)

Our NZ SAL Ornament selection for November.

Evergreen by Blackbird Designs (stitched to sell on ebay)

November to December

Ohhhh November just wasn't a good month for me - high hopes, that fell flat! LOL ... surely, surely December has to be better.

November Hopes
1. NZ SAL Ornament - yes
2. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece - mostly, need to add beads and I'm missing 2 Krienks I still need to order to finish it.
3. Wall-hanging thank you for Charlotte's kindy - yes
4. Finish (as in put together finishing) the ornaments I've stitched this year - some
5. SBEB Ornament exchange finished and sent off - no
6. Cross Stitch Crazy Ornament exchange finished and sent off - no
7. Cross Stitch Crazy 12 Day gifts to send off - yes
8. Couple of "mummy" board gifts, including an ornament, to send off - no
9. NZ Ornament exchange to finish - no
10. Teachers gifts to make/organise (Kruser, Ross, Trim and McDonald) - no
11. Gym coach gifts to make/organise (Sandy, Helen and Gill) - no
12. Bags to make for Christmas Gifts - Mum, Betty, Deb - no

Guess what my goals THIS month are? Remarkably, like last months ;)

December Goals
1. Finish off 2nd Mirabilia RR piece and send off.
2. Carry on finishing (as in put together finishing) the ornaments I've stitched this year.
3. SBEB Ornament exchange finished and sent off - will be doing TODAY.
4. Cross Stitch Crazy Ornament exchange finished and sent off, another TODAY.
5. Couple of "mummy" board gifts, including an ornament, to send off, just need to add a couple of small gifts, will send off this week too.
6. NZ Ornament exchange to finish
7. Teachers gifts to make/organise (Kruser, Ross, Trim and McDonald)
8. Gym coach gifts to make/organise (Sandy, Helen and Gill)
9. Bags to make for Christmas Gifts - Mum, Betty, Deb

... and stitch whatever I want!

Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's been a while!

Not sure why I haven't blogged - just a combination of busyiness and losing my blogging mojo I think.

Lots of pictures today - two weeks of catching up!

Firstly - Charlotte started school last week, hard to believe my baby is five! ... so, last weekend was a busy one. We had her birthday party Saturday afternoon, then a BBQ in the evening - family and a few close friends ... but with my family that = LOTS of people in our not so huge house ... and of course the weather wasn't that great. But it went really really well, I think everyone had a great time. We'd hired a bouncy castle for Charlotte's party and it just fit, very snuggly, into our garage - that thing was wonderful! It kept them amused at the party, and then the little kids amused later on :)

Here's some photos ...

Charlotte and her friends -

Image Hosting by

and this next photo is what DH took, got framed and surprised me with at the BBQ, along with a lovely little speech thanking me for the last 15yrs that I've put into our family *sniff sniff* He did really well, firstly I had absolutely NO idea he'd got all the kids together (he did it the Friday afternoon while I was at work), secondly he actually got ALL the kids together and co-operating for a photo, thirdly he took a GREAT photo (he's usually pretty useless LOL) AND he got it printed, framed and everything ... I'll keep him a while longer ;)

Image Hosting by

I'd hoped for a quiet week this week, but I should know by now that that just isn't going to happen for me - I've realised that I've been saying that for the entire year - that next week will be quieter, I think I've just got to face the fact that I'm a busy lady. I did finally sit down on Friday and stitch during the day, but even then I got a few phone calls from the Cricket Assn asking various questions. Maybe, just maybe, this week I'll get a chance to get my sewing machine out and make lots of ornaments up!

... and of course, I do have a few stitching pictures - not a whole lot though! I've also stitched most of my next Mirabilia square, but haven't got a couple of the Kreinks I need to finish it off - I need to order them from overseas somewhere, but need to work out what else I need, that isn't going to break the bank - cuz we are poor at the moment! But there is no way I'm just going to order two Kreinks and pay the postage for them ;)

Righty, righty ... stitching pictures ... ahhhhh I lied, I have NO stitching photos - I just checked and the couple of ornaments I was going to show you, I already posted about! I did finish one other, but I have sent it off for an exchange, so it's secret :)

Here is a picture of the wall-hanging I made for Charlotte's Daycare though -

Image Hosting by

I've also made quite a few Christmas cards - I went to a class called "Five Quick Christmas Cards" and got some ideas and spent an afternoon last week making a few more, I'll take a photo of some of them at some stage.

I guess I've answered my own question about no blogging ... I haven't got any stitching to share! LOL

Thank you everyone who answered my Pay it Forward - I think I have four people - still need one more! I will get back to you all for addresses etc, I just haven't quite thought about it properly yet :D

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

Monday, November 13, 2006

Stitch it Forward

I've been reading about this fun and generous idea on lots of blogs ... and saw it on Leah's blog this morning so dived right in - I've always admired Leah's handiwork so will be honoured to receive something from her ... and even better I get to play - I love stitching/making things for other people! So ... the first five people to respond to this post in the comments section will receive, within the next 6 months, a craft item made by me - not necessarily cross stitch. The second part to this is posting on your own blog and paying it forward to another five people. Now, I get the feeling that perhaps most people are already involved? So, I'm not to worried if people who are already busy making up five different things still leave a comment in my blog, but have already started a Pay it Forward before now (did that rambling make sense?).

I'll have a couple of non-cross-stitch crafty photos later ... I love creating and am loving that I'm getting the time to try lots of different things! Life is GOOD :)

Stitch it Forward

Stitch it Forward

Sunday, November 12, 2006

*shhhhhh* this post is a secret ...

Secret? Well, I took this photo of Josh and Cameron yesterday and Cameron said "don't you dare put it on your blog or anything, I know you will ..." ... and I promised him I wouldn't - so you didn't see this! I'm doing a scrapping class this afternoon - something about a photo and canvas, which sounded interesting - but I needed a photo to take with me. The girls are always prancing in front of the camera - so I forced the two boys to let me take their photo - and this was the result - it's such a nice shot! I'll show you what we do with it - should be interesting :)

... and not so secret, Charlotte did an "Introductory" Gym Competition yesterday - they basically just had them do circuits, and then judged them for one element of each circuit. They didn't give out firsts, seconds or thirds - but they all got a participation certificate with marks on it - Charlotte got a couple 0f 9's and the rest were late 8's. But what I'm most proud of is the way she went out on the floor, listened to all the instructions AND when one of the coaches got her to repeat something about 3x and took her hand to show her something - she didn't freak and come running to me, something that she would have done only a few months ago - she has grown up so much and got so much more self-confident, it's amazing - and wonderful! This is her on the beam (it is SO hard to get good photos at the gym! - the audience sits too far away and there is too much movement).

and warming up - the little girl in the black is her best friend - they are at kindy together and her mother is head coach at the gym (also Rhiannon's coach) - so they see each other at kindy and also usually get 10-15min play together at the gym three times a week when I drop Rhiannon off for her coaching sessions. Her friend has just started the after-school gym class with her too.

... and lastly ... another secret ... this is the photo David Jnr took of his room yesterday - I've been at him for a while to tidy up in there ... and finally resorted to the "nobody comes to stay until it is DONE" threat yesterday - so he finally got in there and tidied it. This is the photo that he took - that pile of "stuff"? is JUST from under his bed - he'd cleared out a lot more from the floor before he dragged that stuff out. Ignore the yucky tacky curtains - I really really want to change them to blinds or something, but he is such a messy little so and so, they will just get wrecked, so I'm still trying to think about what to do to cover the windows and not have them wrecked (his window faces out to the road).

Now, it's 9.00am and definitely time I was in the shower and ready to do some work and then finish off the wall-hanging!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)

Lots of photos! - Stitching First ...

JBW Designs
I'll probably use this for an ornament exchange, I'm not sure really - I just stitched it because I liked it! ... and then, just as I was finishing it realised this is the ornament that Lara sent as an exchange to me last year - I couldn't believe it took me that long to remember LOL ... that's what happens when all the Christmas things have been put away for nearly a year.

As usual, my stitching stuff is at the othe end of the house, and I can't remember the designer for this one! It is our last month's NZ SAL though, from last year's JCS Ornament magazine.

and as promised last week - a picture of Pink Carnations (designed by Sweetheart Tree). I bought this as a kit from a LNS (Nancys) in Wellington - I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it - I love pink, and love pink carnations - when DH sends me roses (*cough splutter* hasn't happened for a while!) he will have them put a pink carnation amongst them because he knows I like them. I'm planning on using it as a box top, somehow ... need to think about it more - probably the same way I made a couple of Christmas gifts last year.

I haven't stitched a lot at all this week - I've been working on an ornament for a 12 Days exchange that needs to go out at the end of this week, I'm hoping to have all the stitching finished and then get the 12 gifts together tomorrow, including making up the ornament. I love this exchange - my cross stitch buddies on Cross Stitch Crazy do it ... we make up a package of 12 small gifts and then open one a day for 12 days - I LOVE putting together the 12 gifts - that's even more fun that opening of them!

I've also been trying to get a wall hanging finished as a gift for Charlotte's kindy. She finishes on Tuesday! I finished putting the top all together yesterday, and will quilt it together today/tomorrow - I should get it done in time, I'm definitely not as paniked about it as I was a few days ago when I just couldn't make time to get my sewing machine out. I've done lots of work for soccer AND cricket last week - but the good news is that it's almost done, soccer just about ready to hand over and cricket - the annual handbook is ready to print, and website all updated with this years draws and results - now it's just a quick weekly job to update results after each weekend.

Enough rambling ... I will do a separate post for some other photos!

Sunday, November 05, 2006

October into November

Another month gone ... we're nearly at the end of the year!

October was a pretty good stitching month for me :)

1. Finish the finishing of my smalls exchange - yes!
2. 1st Mirabilia RR piece - yes!
3. Ornament - Yes!
4. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece - No
5. Ebay item - Yes (need to put together though)
6. 5hrs HAED - Yes, plus some, and finished!
7. NZ SAL Ornament - Yes!
8. 10hrs Stargazer - no
9. Ebay piece - no
10. 5hrs The Kiss - no
11. Finish piecing quilt together - yes and finished!

Also started and finished Sweetheart Tree's Pink Carnations (picture to come)

November Goals

My most exciting goal this month? To get Charlotte off to school - woohooo!

Oh - and stitching, this is going to be an ignore my big pieces, Christmassy month - lots of exchanges, lots of ornaments to make up and lots of gifts to sort out.

1. NZ SAL Ornament
2. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece
3. Wall-hanging thank you for Charlotte's kindy
4. Finish (as in put together finishing) the ornaments I've stitched this year.
5. SBEB Ornament exchange finished and sent off.
6. Cross Stitch Crazy Ornament exchange finished and sent off.
7. Cross Stitch Crazy 12 Day gifts to send off.
8. Couple of "mummy" board gifts, including an ornament, to send off.
9. NZ Ornament exchange to finish.
10. Teachers gifts to make/organise (Kruser, Ross, Trim and McDonald)
11. Gym coach gifts to make/organise (Sandy, Helen and Gill)
12. Bags to make for Christmas Gifts - Mum, Betty, Deb

I'm hoping to get most of things done in November - and have written them down, mainly so I don't forget anything! I also plan to have a huge sewing week the week that Charlotte starts school - I also should finish my soccer job that week (BIG yeeehaaaaa!), so am planning a "ME" week - I can't wait!!!

Tuesday, October 31, 2006

A quilt, finished!

I'm feeling very proud of myself - a whole, real live, quilt - all finished, by me :) I've fiddled, collected fabric, and dabbled in the quilting thing, but this is the first one I've started and finished :)

Image Hosting by

... and a close up

Image Hosting by

It is for a friend's baby - well, the sister of a friend - she is part of our Wednesday morning Womens' Group. As I was finishing hand-stitching the binding on last night I got a phone call to say she was in labour - so the baby should have arrived by now.

As always, thanks for looking. Thanks also for all the comments on my last finishes!

I meant to say in that last post - that little "Quick Stitch" had 87 colours in it!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderful week :)

Thursday, October 26, 2006

A finish ... and another, finish!

Always feels good to finish things :)

Firstly - Summer Fairy, HAED Designs - Artist, Rachel Anderson.

Image Hosting by

I started this as a practice/experiment on 32ct fabric, I'm wanting to stitch Faery Tales and needed to "play" with something smaller.Here's what I learnt:

Quick Stitches -aren't really that quick!
32ct - is too small for me, 28ct seems to the perfect balance (I didn't like 25ct).
Faery Tales will probably take me a lifetime, but I still want to give it a go ;)

I also finally finished the Mirabilia RR piece, I've still got another to do - so much for wanting them both stitched quickly and away in the post to their owners. I'll probably start the next one this weekend. Meanwhile - here is Cottage Garden Fairy (or part of her).

Image Hosting by

I started Pink Carnations (Sweetheart Tree) last night - just felt like something smaller, quicker and fun. I was hoping to take it to work tonight - but my boss rung this morning asking if I could do some extra hours as we have six urgent verbatum tapes to do, apparently they are taped off CD recordings of an Employment Case meeting. These tapes are never easy, but apparently these are even worse because the sound quality hasn't come across very well. Oh yay! ... and even worse - those six are the URGENT ones, there are nine more after that! So, there is no hope of stitching tonight, only of overtime.

As always, thanks for looking and reading my rambles :)

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Exchanges Catch Up

First, and most importantly, the thank you's!!

I received my Stitchers Bloggers Exchange Board - Needlework Smalls Exchange from Andrea yesterday - she spoilt me!

She sent me an adorable little pinkeep that has a little pocket in the back for scissors to sit in - great idea, one one I'll definitely remember for the future! Plus some lovely little goodies, including a chart I've loved for a long time - I'm not sure how I'm going to stop myself from stitching it straight away - thank you Andrea!

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

I also received my exchange gift from a "Mystery" Exchange on the Cross Stitch Crazy Board - Tanya sent me an adorable little Nantucket basket and some fabric - thank you Tanya!

Image Hosting by

My Mystery Exchange that I sent to Velda also arrived during the week (two weeks to Canada ... I was getting nervous about it not turning up). I'm glad you liked it Velda!

Image Hosting by

5 Weird Things ...

I got tagged by Margaret (hi Margaret *waving*) ...

"I have to say 5 things that are weird about myself or my pets" I've been thinking about this and have trouble thinking of five things - does that mean I'm maybe not as weird as I thought? LOL ... so I've turned "weird" into "interesting facts" ;)

Five Interesting Facts about Me and Maisie:

  1. I blatently admit to pinching this from Katrina's answers ... because it's the same for me. I have a phobia of Magpies - not birds though, just Magpies ... and yeah, I'll still turn around and find an alternative route if one looks particularly threatening (not so much these days ... I'm braver than I used to be!).
  2. I've had five children - all completely naturally, no inductions, no drugs (except a little gas for a couple of them), no forceps or anything - in this day and age I think that's quite unusual ... not necessarily weird ... but unusual ;)
  3. I like nothing better than being alone, not so weird, except I come from a big family and have a big family ... got to wonder where that trait comes from! (although one my mother and Charlotte definitely have too ...)
  4. Maisie loves cheese ... so much so that Charlotte now knows that she can't leave her cheese sandwiches alone, because much to her disgust (and distress) Maisie has pinched them a couple of times and raced outside with them to tuck into the cheese. She's also been known to grab a good sized lump of it off the kitchen bench when I've had my back turned.
  5. Maisie does this sweet thing most mornings where she sits on the corner neighbour's fence and waits for me to walk back from dropping off the kids in the morning. She miaows as soon as she sees me across the road and then jumps down and walks with me along the road and up the driveway.

I've got some exchange pictures and thank yous to catch up on. I'll come back soon with that post!

Friday, October 13, 2006

Last picture to show ...

I couldn't upload more than five photos into one post, so this one had to be done as a separate one.

This is the first Mirabilia RR piece I need to do this month - taken a LOT longer than I thought it would! I just have a wee bit of stitching on her hand that I missed and then the beads to put on :) I've left her wings out, I actually got the thread, cut it and everything to start them, but when I looked at everyone elses parts (I'm the last to stitch on this one) everyone had left wings out ... so I figured I should too.

10 days!

Where did 10 days go, so fast!! Silly thing is, I haven't actually been as busy as I had been the last few months ... but just can't seem to make the time to update my blog :) ... and those goals I so optimistically made? HA! first weekend we had two BBQ's ... that kinda mucked up my planned stitching time, but such is life ... I am working through them and pretty much sticking to the list!

Anyway - some pictures ... because they're always much more fun than my rambling ...

Ornament from this year's JCS Ornament Magazine, designed by Elizabeth Designs. This should have been stitched on 36ct ... I think I used 28ct, and it really made a difference, it would look much nicer on a smaller count.

Next is the first in the With My Needle series that started in the 2003 Ornament Magazine ... this is my ebay offering this month, I'm planning on stitching and finishing them all as a set.

and then we have the quilted fabric cards - thank you to (Kiwi)Jo for the link to instructions for making these, I had a lot of fun with them! These are all Christmas ones, and I plan on using them for putting in with ornament exchanges this Christmas ... I had a lot of fun using stitches on my sewing machine that I just don't use enough!

and I had some pictures here I'd taken of my smalls exchange I'm sending off tomorrow, and realised I can't show them yet! So, you just have to imagine them ;)

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September into October

October already! oh my!

September Round-Up

1. Finish July Ornament - yes!
2. September SAL Ornament - Yes!
3. Finish one other Ornament - no
4. Finish Woodland Cottage - yes! (at last LOL)
5. Work on The Kiss - no
6. Work on The Stargazer - Yes!
7. Work on HAED Summer Fairy - no (it is so close to being finished)
8. Finish Linen and Lace - didn't even stitch on it
9. Work on DT Sampler Game Board - Yes!

I also started and finished the Prairie School Christmas Sampler and stitched a small exchange gift which I've sent off.

October Goals/Rotation

Ohhhhh ... that evil word, rotation, is in there again. I work to goals, much much better - so I'm making my goals, my rotation.

1. Finish the finishing of my smalls exchange.
2. 1st Mirabilia RR piece (5/10)
3. Ornament (7/10)
4. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece (10/10)
5. Ebay item (17/10)
6. 5hrs HAED (19/10)
7. Ornament (22/10)
8. 10hrs Stargazer (25/10)
9. Ebay piece (29/10)
10. 5hrs The Kiss (31/10)
11. Finish piecing quilt together.

The dates are when I expect to be finished that particular goal. I'd also like to work on DT's Linen and Lace and Sampler Game Board. If I have any gaps where I finish things early (I'm such an optimist! LOL) I will try and work on those then.

Righty oh ... if I'm going to have hope of meeting those goals I need to get to work so I have time to stitch later :)

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Woodland Cottage

Lookie here ... another finish! ... and just managed to slip it into September so I meet a goal too.

Image Hosting by
Woodland Cottage - Elizabeth Designs
32ct Linen (can't remember the name, I really must start writing these things down as I start a piece!).

I should answer the Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week with this one! I started it quite a while ago, discovered after I'd stitched all the trees that one of the first ones was two stitches out (that's four threads out) ... but it would have been a major to undo, so I left it as was ... then didn't have a colour so put it aside and then struggled to work up the enthusasim to finish it off, knowing I was going to be fudging all the way ... and boy did it take fudging ... I must have been THREE threads out ... so one side is a thread out from the other ... and it took some fiddling to fit everything else in, but I did it, and I doubt anyone except me would notice.

The girls and I had a lovely day yesterday :) ... did the bank account a wee bit of damage, but not too much. I found a couple of books at The Warehouse that I've wanted to read marked down in price, the girls got a few clothes ... so we were all happy. Got home about 2ish and the girls amused themselves while I watched a DVD and finished the cottage - now, that's how life should be! LOL Oh, and the report from Taupo is that the soccer team had won 5 out of 5 games so far, including one from the top Auckland team who seems to be VERY serious, and wasn't at all happy ;)

Feeling so much more refreshed today I'm ready to tackle some work and hopefully sew up some more the quilt.

Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Prairie Schooler - Christmas

A finish! ... um, and it's not even on my goals for September, how did that happen? LOL

Image Hosting by
Christmas Sampler - The Prairie Schooler
Stitched on a stray piece of cream coloured 32ct linen

Today the girls and I are going shopping! I even managed to get them to tidy their bedroom as an incentive to get going (so I shouldn't really be sitting here LOL). DH and the two middle boys are away at a soccer tournament for the weekend, the biggest boy is still asleep in bed and I imagine will be there for a while ... so it's just the two girls and I :)

Did I mention that David Jnr now has his learners driving licence? AND officially starts his first real "grown up" job tomorrow (at the local supermarket stocking shelves - a 6hr shift every Sunday) ... gosh it really does seem like just yesterday he was learning how to walk!

Oh, and I caved and bought another HAED Quick Stitch last night ... I haven't even finished the first one, and have a few others I've bought and drool over every now and again too. I can't get a direct link to the picture, but it is Red Witch by Meredith Dillman. I'm really really tempted to start it tonight ... but WILL finish Woodland Cottage first!

Righty oh ... must go, those girls will be chasing me soon.

Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look, two posts in two days!

I didn't stitch at all yesterday - but I did start making a quilt! ... well, I started in the weekend by cutting lots of little squares, yesterday I cut strips and started sewing it together, and so far, so good! It is for a friend having a baby - she is due end of October, so I needed to get moving. I'm really pleased with it so far :) This is the first two strips sewn together, the third isn't attached, just put there so I could see how it is looking - and a closer up too - my corners aren't 100% perfect, but I think they're okay.

and the promised Prairie Schooler WIP - I was hoping to finish this yesterday but got involved in the quilting thing, and then went to my parents for dinner and after that off to a meeting. I'll take it to work tonight and hope that it is quiet.

Another quietish day today - I have minutes to type up from last night, some accounts to send off and such, desperately need to clean and vacuum this place, but otherwise - the day is free.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An update, again ...

I really need to get into a rhythm with this blogging thing - not only have I been slack at updating my blog, but I'm being hopeless at leaving comments too - I AM reading blogs, lots of them - just not commenting!

Soccer season finished last week, so except for my usual accounts, tidying up etc it should be quieter now ... and I'm counting down - only a couple more months and I'll be finished - I can't wait!

It's school holidays here this week and next week, which is nice. I've been making myself get up at 7.00am rather than sleeping in so I can be sure to get a little bit of work done and spend some time with the kids. The last couple of days seems to have been in and out and about in the car. Today should be a nice quiet one though :)

Anyway - update photos! ... here we go ...

First up - our NZ SAL August Ornament - this took lots of talking and wondering, and ideas to try and stitch and make up without buying the not so cheap called for pillow. I was pretty pleased, when I'd put it all together and it worked! "Noel" from JSC Ornament Magazine 2005 (can't remember the designer off hand)

and then we have this month's SAL ornament - "Christmas" by Brightneedle Designs from JCS Ornament Magazine 2005 - stitched over one and made up into a little flat ornament - and it IS little, but rather cute I think!

Next, an update on Stargazer - I haven't stitched on her for about a week, although I'm hoping to this weekend so should have another update in a few days. She is just so pretty, although I can see that skirt getting rather tedious after a while.

and I had the Prairie Schooler Christmas piece I started this week, just on impulse really - I've been awful at that lately, there are lots I should be finishing, rather than starting new ones! I'm too scared to try and upload it now, I'll probably end up losing everything I've already got here, so you will just have to wait until another day - maybe I'll actually post again tomorrow, that would be two entries in two days! LOL

Thank you for all the previous comments - I love to get them and really appreciate them, especially as I'm hopeless at returning them! Oh, and an update on my father - he is doing fine, very embarrassed, and very frustrated at my Mother and sisters nagging him ... but physically he is healing well. I feel sorry for him, as much as I worry that he will do himself serious damage or run out of the nine lives he seems to have, he'd be miserable doing nothing ... and life is all about living it and enjoying it.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pictures ... at last!

I've only been promising for about a week!

Here is Stargazer -

Image Hosting by

and Sampler Gameboard -

Image Hosting by

I tried to stitch last night but could hardly keep my eyes open, I swear it took about 5x as long to do each cross! LOL

Quiet day at home today ... I have some accounts to put on the account system and then I'm hoping to make up a couple of ornaments and start on the quilt. Have also promised the girls a walk to the park if they're good and let me get on with it!

Cameron and DH are off to yet another soccer tournament - about two more weeks and then soccer will be well and truly finished for the year - it mostly is now :)

and to finish, here is the best I could get of Rhiannon playing yesterday - I reckon getting sport action shots must be the hardest sort of photo to take! (she's the blonde one in the yellow)

Image Hosting by

The Secret Seven

We had most of the end of year soccer tournaments yesterday (means the end of the season - yay!) - David asked if he and some friends could enter their own team (rather than being in his usual team) - so I checked it out, and the club agreed to let them.

They are all friends at high-school, but different clubs, different teams.So they came up with their name, organised their team - only just seven, and it was a seven-a-side tournament, worked out they'd have no subs, but they'd take turns in goal.AND went out to the mall, bought the plain white T shirts, hats and socks with their own money, then spent Friday afternoon/evening coming up with stencils and spray-painting them - and they looked so cool!

The high school was great too - they let them use the art room on Friday afternoon to do their stencils, and even agreed they could miss their next class to carry on with it - I love that they appreciated a group of 14/15yos were using their initiative and encouraged it!

AND ... they won!

I'm so proud of them - who says teenagers spend their time doing stupid things because they're bored, teenagers, whatever ... there ARE some good ones out there.

Here's a couple of photos -

Image Hosting by

Image Hosting by

David is No.69 in the middle holding the trophy ... he was Captain/Coach.