Sunday, November 12, 2006

*shhhhhh* this post is a secret ...

Secret? Well, I took this photo of Josh and Cameron yesterday and Cameron said "don't you dare put it on your blog or anything, I know you will ..." ... and I promised him I wouldn't - so you didn't see this! I'm doing a scrapping class this afternoon - something about a photo and canvas, which sounded interesting - but I needed a photo to take with me. The girls are always prancing in front of the camera - so I forced the two boys to let me take their photo - and this was the result - it's such a nice shot! I'll show you what we do with it - should be interesting :)

... and not so secret, Charlotte did an "Introductory" Gym Competition yesterday - they basically just had them do circuits, and then judged them for one element of each circuit. They didn't give out firsts, seconds or thirds - but they all got a participation certificate with marks on it - Charlotte got a couple 0f 9's and the rest were late 8's. But what I'm most proud of is the way she went out on the floor, listened to all the instructions AND when one of the coaches got her to repeat something about 3x and took her hand to show her something - she didn't freak and come running to me, something that she would have done only a few months ago - she has grown up so much and got so much more self-confident, it's amazing - and wonderful! This is her on the beam (it is SO hard to get good photos at the gym! - the audience sits too far away and there is too much movement).

and warming up - the little girl in the black is her best friend - they are at kindy together and her mother is head coach at the gym (also Rhiannon's coach) - so they see each other at kindy and also usually get 10-15min play together at the gym three times a week when I drop Rhiannon off for her coaching sessions. Her friend has just started the after-school gym class with her too.

... and lastly ... another secret ... this is the photo David Jnr took of his room yesterday - I've been at him for a while to tidy up in there ... and finally resorted to the "nobody comes to stay until it is DONE" threat yesterday - so he finally got in there and tidied it. This is the photo that he took - that pile of "stuff"? is JUST from under his bed - he'd cleared out a lot more from the floor before he dragged that stuff out. Ignore the yucky tacky curtains - I really really want to change them to blinds or something, but he is such a messy little so and so, they will just get wrecked, so I'm still trying to think about what to do to cover the windows and not have them wrecked (his window faces out to the road).

Now, it's 9.00am and definitely time I was in the shower and ready to do some work and then finish off the wall-hanging!

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


Jenny said...

Great pic of your boys! Mine is always running from the camera too - of course my daughter loves the camera. :)

Margaret said...

Great pictures. I won't tell on you.

Vicki said...

What a great pic of the boys! Fun pictires of Charlotte at the gym competition. And I'm always afraid to walk into the boys room. I;d be able to takea pic that looks like that if they didn't have a high bunk bed and the stuff can't hide that easily underneath.

Carla said...

Great pictures!!! JM and Samuel's room looks like that at the daily cleanup time. Don't even talk to me about wrangling the kids in front of the camera, they have been staging protests with trying to get that holiday card!

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