Sunday, November 05, 2006

October into November

Another month gone ... we're nearly at the end of the year!

October was a pretty good stitching month for me :)

1. Finish the finishing of my smalls exchange - yes!
2. 1st Mirabilia RR piece - yes!
3. Ornament - Yes!
4. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece - No
5. Ebay item - Yes (need to put together though)
6. 5hrs HAED - Yes, plus some, and finished!
7. NZ SAL Ornament - Yes!
8. 10hrs Stargazer - no
9. Ebay piece - no
10. 5hrs The Kiss - no
11. Finish piecing quilt together - yes and finished!

Also started and finished Sweetheart Tree's Pink Carnations (picture to come)

November Goals

My most exciting goal this month? To get Charlotte off to school - woohooo!

Oh - and stitching, this is going to be an ignore my big pieces, Christmassy month - lots of exchanges, lots of ornaments to make up and lots of gifts to sort out.

1. NZ SAL Ornament
2. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece
3. Wall-hanging thank you for Charlotte's kindy
4. Finish (as in put together finishing) the ornaments I've stitched this year.
5. SBEB Ornament exchange finished and sent off.
6. Cross Stitch Crazy Ornament exchange finished and sent off.
7. Cross Stitch Crazy 12 Day gifts to send off.
8. Couple of "mummy" board gifts, including an ornament, to send off.
9. NZ Ornament exchange to finish.
10. Teachers gifts to make/organise (Kruser, Ross, Trim and McDonald)
11. Gym coach gifts to make/organise (Sandy, Helen and Gill)
12. Bags to make for Christmas Gifts - Mum, Betty, Deb

I'm hoping to get most of things done in November - and have written them down, mainly so I don't forget anything! I also plan to have a huge sewing week the week that Charlotte starts school - I also should finish my soccer job that week (BIG yeeehaaaaa!), so am planning a "ME" week - I can't wait!!!


~Velda said...

WOW you've gotten a TON done! way to go!

Margaret said...

I can't wait to see all of those ornaments!

Faith Ann said...

I think you deserve a "me" week... hope you enjoy it!!

(I can't wait to see your sewing accomplishments... and be jealous of your talent... I sooooo wish that I liked to sew.)

mj said...

A "me" weekend is the best thing...i`m going to have one this weekend...have a good one!...