Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Works in Progress ... and a bit of life ...

I have a blissful week this week - NO meetings! yee-hahhhh! ... the last few weeks have been crazy and I'm so pleased they are over. I'm still busy, still working hard, still not keeping up with housework or exercise ... but at least once the evening comes I know I can sit and stitch for a few hours - it really is a sanity saver for me.

We have major crap going on amongst Cameron's soccer team - well not his team, the parents involved - why they just can't enjoy the kids playing soccer, I will never know. My DH is going along to support the coach at a disciplinary hearing this Thursday - very long story, but basically a parent abused the COACH ... and somehow it's been turned around and twisted, very sad - they are going to lose good people over this :( I'm feeling very defeated myself because I know for sure that there is more to it, and I know for sure one particular man is very sneaky and stirring (especially after hearing his son call the coach a "lying pig"!), but can't pin him to anything!

Anyway - enough of that! On to nicer things ... like WIP's -

Here is Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy - I'm going to keep working on this until I finish it, hopefully in the next few days.

and my Summer Fairie from HAED - she looks nearly finished, but there is still a wee bit of work to do - I might pick her up and try and finish her after Halloween Fairy.

Thanks for looking! Sorry I haven't been around to comment on other blogs - I'm forever hopeful that life really IS going to slow down soon, very very soon! LOL


I always mean to answer these - so here is last weeks one - I took a photo days ago, and then haven't got here to answer and post!

Do you have an organizational system for your fabric? If so, what is it? If not,
what do you store your fabric in?

How do people store their fabric, especially those small but potentially usable pieces? Do they sort by count? How do they label it or otherwise know what each piece is?

This is my drawer with all the packaged, unused fabric - stacked so I can see it - a line of fat quarters, line of fat 16ths, hand-dyeds and fat eighths. I like this way because I can see all the colours straight away and find what I am looking for - I've haven't bought a lot of fabric for a while, I've been slowly trying to work through using all the pieces I have already.

and this drawer has all my grab-bag, off-cuts etc - and they're a mess! (need I say more? LOL)

House Exchange Thank You!

I received my House Exchange from Annette yesterday - it is SO nice getting a "gift" parcel in the mail :)

Annette stitched a lovely needlebook for me - personalised and all. She also added some goodies - a tape measure (I love these little tape measures, I got one from Jo in the friendship exchange and loved that one too), a bit of Arizona and one of my favourite LHN charts (I'll tell a story about that another day LOL). Here is a picture of all my lovely goodies -

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Lots of photos!

and a very quick post ...

Charlotte and I off into Wellington today - bus to the station, then train in to the city - I have a meeting at work, which is only a quick hour one and I've been promising a train ride and a looksie at my "high" office (24th floor) for a while.

Anyway - photos -

NZ July Ornament - LHN Home for Christmas

L*K Sweet Christmas

My needleroll finish! Thanks to Katrina for organising this SAL each month :) M Designs - Little Pink Houses.

Okay - I can't get these photos to sit where I want them to, and haven't got time to fiddle!

The two below are my progress on The Kiss that I've been working on the last couple of days.

and last one is my biggest son modelling his new clothes he bought with his Birthday money. He has been working hard at getting fit and losing weight and is looking pretty good (and looks like he almost believes it himself! LOL).

Righty oh - off to hang out washing and run to catch the bus!

Monday, August 14, 2006


Well, here I am! I can't believe it's been well over a week - but life has a way of suddenly being busy (especially my life!). My pc's internet connection finally had a hissy fit and wouldn't work at all so I was without internet, and without my pc for a few days while that got fixed. I went away last weekend with Rhiannon to a gym competition (she got 4th overall - VERY happy little girl!) - then a week full of meetings and fundraising, and sadly this week isn't looking much better.

I have been stitching on and off though - I've finished a couple of ornaments, my house exchange and nearly finished a needleroll. I will try and find time to take pictures later or tomorrow.

Not a lot of other news really, just wanted to make an appearance to show that I am indeed still in the land of living and still trying to stitch!

I'm off to put my house exchange together now - so it's ready to send tomorrow, nothing like leaving things until the last minute!

Thursday, August 03, 2006

July into August

July Round-Up

1. NZ SAL Ornament - not quite
2. One other Ornament - no
3. Finish Woodland Cottage - no
4. House Exchange - stitched, but not made up yet.
5. Work on Mirabilia's The Kiss - yes
6. Work on HAED QS Summer Fairy - yes (but not finished like I hoped!)

I also started:
Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy
Mirabilia's Stargazer

Other goals:
7. Update Blogger Daily - I tried! Much better than the month before.
8. Comment on three blogs daily - I started off okay, but got very busy the last couple of weeks.

August Goals

1. Finish July SAL Ornament
2. Finish August SAL Ornament
3. Finish one other Ornament
4. Finish Woodland Cottage
5. Work on The Kiss
6. Work on The Stargazer
7. Finish HAED Summer Fairy
8. Finish Halloween Fairy
9. Work on starting to stitch through my vast collection of DT charts and kits.

August Rotation Plans

Monday - The Drawn Thread
Tuesday - The Kiss/The Stargazer
Wednesday - Ornament
Thursday - Ornament
Friday - Whatever
Saturday - HAED
Sunday - HAED

except this weekend when I plan on stitching and finishing Halloween Fairy :)