Friday, December 31, 2004

Emerald Mermaid ... has LOTS of beads!

I'm still going on them ... hopefully it'll be finished tonight - I'm sure I thought that a couple of days ago!

Meanwhile I finally got the charms for Jim's stocking and put those on this morning after being woken up by Rhiannon way too early, just need to put the ribbon on Deb's one and they will be completely finished. It's just as well we didn't see them at Christmas, I'll be able to wrap them up and give them to them in the New Year.

Also got all the supplies for Xmas II ... all kitted up and all - I can't wait to start using those beautiful silks and beads ... and ... and ...

I'm thinking of trying to work a good rotation again - at least until I get the dreaded kit finished - making that the focus piece and whatever else I feel like stitching the other 10hrs ... in theory it should work ... but as most folks know, I've good with the ideas - but not so good at carrying them through, there's always something that catches my eye and my stitching fingers and the rotation disappears! LOL

Hopefully I'll have a finished piccie of Emerald Mermaid later :)

Thursday, December 30, 2004

Two sleeps until 2005

and hopefully Emerald Mermaid will be finished in 2004! I finished all the "cross" stitching last night, and started the beading. I should finish the beading today - yay! It's taken just under two weeks to stitch - definitely a great stitch for someone starting out with Mirabilia - a bit smaller, some sparkly stitching, but not too much and some beading, but not too much.

I've two RR squares to stitch next - one is a Teddy Bear, and one a Tea Cup - both with patterns that came along with the RR, both fiddly with lots of back-stitching, I'm not really looking forward to them, but need to get them out of the way.

I was hoping my supplies for Chatelaine's Christmas Mystery II would have arrived in the Post Box yesterday, but they hadn't. Hopefully today! Although I'll then have to be very strong and not start that until the RR's are done.

I think I'll stitch Elizabeth Design's October Sky after that ... I need something fun and quick :)

Monday, December 27, 2004

What I'm stitching now

At the moment I'm stitching Emerald Mermaid (Mirabilia) - I'm hoping to finish it in the next couple of days.

Then I've got the first part of Chatelaine's Xmas Mystery II, plus two RR squares to do.

Then I'll try and work on the dreaded kit for a few days.

Hopefully in the next couple of days I'll have a finished piccie of Emerald Mermaid :)

2005 (and beyond) Stitching Plans

Okay ... here goes ...

I've got a LOT I want to stitch, and know that I probably won't get all these stitched next year, but they're the one's on my "to do" list for now ... I'm sure new ones will be added, and others put lower on the list.

I wonder if I can link them all to pictures?

Mirabilia WIP's/UFO's
Ashley's Roses
Rose Arbour
Sleeping Beauty

New Mirabilias
Lily the Dreaming Fairy
Petal Fairy
Cottage Garden Fairy
The Dreamer
The Kiss
Madonna of the Garden

Stitch NZ (canvas work)
Gay Day
and another - I can't remember it's name.

The Silver Lining
All the single roses

Indigo Rose
Desiderata (a longstanding WIP I haven't worked on for quite a while)

Merry Christmas

The Drawn Thread
Perennial Border
The Sanctary
Prairie Garden
Marriage of Minds
Sampler Gameboard

Little Mermaid kit

Just Nan
Black Magic

Elizabeth Designs
October Sky Sampler
In the Garden of my Heart

Plus -

Summer Bouquet
Amish Quilt Sampler (TIAG)
TW - 12 days of Christmas
Applique piece from a magazine
Bent Creek rows series
L*K - Summer and Winter snippets
Victoria Sampler - Sweet Pea Gazebo
L&L - Celtic Summer

Yeah - I'm nuts.

Hopefully I can keep this list and cross them off as I do them ... maybe some satisfaction.

I'm also involved in two Round Robins.

I've also got a kit to finish for friends.

Trying this out!

Just a very quick post to see if this works!

The plan is to use this as a stitching diary - complete with pictures. I figure it will be an easy way to keep up with my WIP's and the time I get to stitch.