Sunday, January 30, 2005

Picture of Sweetpea Gazebo Sampler

I took two photos - the photo I took of the whole thing is very hard to see the detail.

Stitched on 28ct Jobelyn, Pearl Grey. 8 Days stitching, 37hrs (it's a bit scary to average that out - I can plead a VERY quiet couple of days at work! LOL).

Today I need to carry on stuffing envelopes for soccer and do some baking ready for school starting tomorrow. One of my "goals" (I refuse to make resolutions) this year is to avoid processed foods in their lunchboxes as much as possible ... which means I have to get busy today making sure I have other things to put in them.

I can't get into my two favourite boards on Ezboard, one parenting one and one stitching one - they are both membership only ones, not public, so I wonder if that is the problem.

DH is still in bed asleep ... it annoys me that once I'm awake, I'm awake. He can sleep through Charlotte jumping, giggling, poking ... the whole lot, and if he DOES wake - as soon as we're gone he goes straight back to sleep ... I think it's nearly time to send Charlotte down there ...

Back to stitching the lighthouse kit today ... I'm supposed to be doing 5hrs between small projects, or 5hrs between 10hr lots of a big project ... I didn't touch it while I was stitching Sweetpea Gazebo so I have a wee bit of catching up to do!

Saturday, January 29, 2005


Yay! Finished off Sweetpea Gazebo tonight - I've tried to upload a picture but Picturetrail are doing their nightly maintenance, so alas, it can wait until tomorrow.

Friday - Sweetpea Gazebo - 4hr
Saturday - Sweetpea Gazebo - 4hr

Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another day, another stitch ... or two

Work is quiet again - that means lots of stitching time :) I've reached the bottom fence and hardanger work on the bottom of Sweetpea Gazebo ... I should finish it this weekend - it's a pretty fast stitch considering the cost of it ... but oh, so pretty, and lots of fun!

Nothing much happening really - it's Friday tomorrow, then the weekend, and then the kids are back at school on Monday - I can't believe the holidays have gone by so fast. Although there is a little (or maybe biggish) part of me that will be pleased to have a quiet house, that stays sort of tidyish, between 9 and 3 again.

Time for me to head home!

Wed - Sweetpea Gazebo - 3hrs
Thurs - Sweetpea Gazebo - 5hrs

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Another day, another few stitches

It's been hot today ... I pity all of you in the Northern Hemisphere with all the snow ... but I'm not sure I like the heat any better!

Still stitching on Sweetpea Gazebo :)

Sweetpea Gazebo - 4hrs

Monday, January 24, 2005

Major question of the day ..

How many points for Movie popcorn?? ... one books says 2.5pts/cup ... another says 2.5pts per 25g/small bucket ... so I either pigged out on approximately 10pts of popcorn, or only 2.5pts ... whatever, it wasn't the healthiest lunch!

I'd very proudly finished the gazebo part of the Sweetpea Gazebo, swearing to myself at how little green ribbon was left for the rest of the sampler, only to find tonight there are TWO DIFFERENT greens, I should have used the lighter one for the "sweetpea" leaves ... darn it. I'll carry on and see how far the darker one goes, if I run out I'll definitely undo the sweetpea leaves, if I don't I'll see how it looks - there isn't that much difference, but then again I like things exactly right so will probably end up undoing them and re-doing them with the right colour *sigh*.

It IS a fun stitch though - I'm really enjoying the challenge of different stitches, so much so that it was midnight last night when I finished ... I was sure it was more like 10pm LOL.

Meanwhile my wonderful DH took the kids out for the day yesterday so I could get on with the soccer club's annual accounts, I'm so relieved to have those mostly out of the way - well, all the hard work, I just need to tidy them up, talk to the accountant about a few things. The kids and David went further up the beach from where we live to the rocky part about 20mins away - the following link will take you to photos of their adventure :)

Sweetpea Gazebo Sampler - 5.5hrs

Sunday, January 23, 2005

Keeping time again

Saturday - 5hrs Sweetpea Gazebo Sampler
Sunday - 5hrs Sweetpea Gazebo Sampler

Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just a little finish ... and a bigger start

I finished this little ornament at work on Thursday night, the same day there was a question on one of the boards I frequent about whether you consider yourself a fast or slow stitcher ... this took me about 2hrs - do you think that makes me fast? People seem to think I am fast, and I'd say I am - but I'm also lucky enough to get lots of time to stitch - most days I seem to be able to fit in 3-4hrs, if not more.

Here's the ornament - from Cross Stitch Crazy - a magazine I might buy more of, there are a few in this issue (Christmas 2004) that I will probably stitch. Stitched on 25ct Lugana Angel Blush, this ornament is going to a friend who I'm doing an ornament exchange with this year - we are exchanging ornaments once every two months - I'm trying to get ahead, hence the stitching ornaments so early on in the year.

I started Sweet Pea Gazebo last night, if you're observant you will note that this isn't on my January list at all! I've been stitching such piddly things all month I really needed something bigger and challenging to do - we've got a long weekend this weekend and I'm hoping to get lots of stitching done, it will be nice to be doing a biggish project.

Plus, I've decided to use Misty Blue 32ct Linen for ED's October Sky Sampler AND Sleeping Beauty. I started Sleeping Beauty a few years ago on my own hand-dyed fabric but have decided I really don't like it and am going to restart it - along with some other gals as a SAL. I ordered the fabric from Countrystitch the other day, but I know Debbie needed to order some in, and she's been sick ... so I can't start them quite yet ... great excuse for another new start.

... and other things in my life? I went to WW after my first week of the programme yesterday and managed to lose 2.2kg - that's about 5lb - so onto the second week - hopefully I will do well again - I've been sticking to the points, making sure I walk at least once a day and trying to drink 2 litres of water a day ... all things combined seem to work.

I've got about 500 envelopes, 500 labels, 600 registration forms and 600 newsletters to put together to mail out to our soccer club members ready for this season - it doesn't start until April, but it's amazing how much work there is just to get it up and running. I've also got to do the annual accounts - lovely DH is going to take the kids out tomorrow morning so I can get on with those, without continuous "I want" interruptions.

... I think that is it on my all exciting life for now.

Friday 21 Jan
- 1.5hrs Lighthouse
- 1.5hrs Sweetpea Gazebo

Friday, January 21, 2005

Keeping up-to-date with hours

Just quickly posting my times ... I haven't for a few days, and I will forget them!

Tuesday - 3.5hrs Xmas Mystery II
Wednesday -
0.5hrs Xmas Mystery II
2.5hrs Lighthouse Kit
Thurs -
1hr Lighthouse Kit
2hrs Ornament 1
1hr Ornament 2

Thursday, January 20, 2005

A couple of pictures

I finally finished Part I of Chatelaine's Xmas Mystery II yesterday ... I really aren't thrilled with the Cherub's faces, I might have a fiddle, I might not. I love working with the lovely silks and colours and sparklies though ... the pictures doesn't do the sparkling justice, at all :)

Also another 5hr update on the Lighthouse Kit, I started the next five hours yesterday, all going well, I'll finish that 5hr block today.

I've joined a Sleeping Beauty SAL - a 12th of it each month. I'm just waiting for the fabric to start it - hopefully next week, meanwhile it's a good means of making sure I stitch a couple of ornaments and get myself a head this year.

Anyway - here are the pictures -

Xmas Mystery -

and Lighthouse -

... and in the joys of parenthood ... I will have TEN children here this afternoon, two nephews, a friend's two girls and Cameron's friend. It's not so bad, they all play quite well together ... but my great of intentions of doing a good walk each day just get harder - I'll try and get 30mins this morning after I drop Charlotte off at daycare and before I have to drop Cameron off at cricket - I'm going to take Josh and Rhiannon to a movie while it is just the two of them and pick up the new school years' books beforehand ... before I'm housebound from about 12 ... ahhh well ... perfect excuse to sit and stitch, right?

Monday, January 17, 2005

Nearly finished Part I

I've finished all the crosses on one cherub, just a few colours of the second one to go - I should finish Part 1 before Part 2 comes out! LOL

I've joined in a Sleeping Beauty (Mirabilia) SAL - 1/12th of it each month ... I need to now decide whether to use the fabric I started it on ages ago (at least 2 years), or use a different one ... decisions decisions.

Before I stitch that I'll have to stitch a couple of ornaments and at least one five hour block on the lighthouse kit ... nothing like a bit of discipline for the soul.

Hopefully I'll have a scan of the Christmas Mystery tomorrow :) ... maybe even a finished dolls suit as well - tomorrow is supposed to be a quiet one!

Xmas Mystery II - 3hrs

Sunday, January 16, 2005

Quick entry

It's been a lazy Sunday, I've only got a hood left to knit for the doll's outfit, and I managed to stitch 3hrs of Xmas II ... it seems to be taking a long time to stitch this one little piece.

Back to reality in a big way this week ... and it's still two weeks until school starts! Rhiannon and Cameron start back at gymnastics, Cameron and Josh are doing a cricket training thing, Cameron in the mornings, Josh in the afternoons, Cameron starts soccer training on Friday ... plus need to get school books so I've got time to cover them, and a school uniform for David, oh and first soccer meeting of the year tomorrow night ... no rest for the wicked, I must have been mightly wicked sometime!

Xmas Mystery II - 3hrs

Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finally ...

A good chunk of stitching! I finally started Christmas Mystery II last night, but only did about an hour after I'd come home from work - finally did a good 3.5hr chunk tonight ... I'm still not sure I like Chatelaine's cherubs - I love the things she does with colour and different threads - I suppose though, that nobody can beat Mirabilia's seemingly ease of working lovely faces and flowing people ... in my eyes anyway.

I've also had this insane urge to knit the last few days, so I dug out some doll clothes patterns from long ago and bought some wool and I've started knitting Rhiannon's baby Chou Chou a onesie suit thing ... then Charlotte wants a matinee jacket and bonnet for hers ... the last few years my knitting urges don't last long, I'm hoping I'll at least be enthused long enough to finish a couple of small doll things!

I re-joined WW yesterday ... had my last pig out yesterday ... so started the programme today - so far so good, one day down, lots to go - I did manage to get out for a 50min walk - yay me :)

Friday - Xmas II - 1hr
Saturday - Xmas II - 3.5hr

Thursday, January 13, 2005

Reality with a bump

Started back at work tonight ... I work as a word-processing operator for a commercial legal company in Wellington. For the couple of months or so before Christmas it had been really quiet and I got a fair amount of stitching done - I work the 6.30-11.30pm shift on my own, so it's nice and quiet.

So went off for my first night back after the Christmas break tonight, fully equipped with essential stitching to find ... we're busy, including icky icky verbatum tapes (taped meetings ... one South African with a thick accent, who does a lot of talking ... don't get me wrong I have nothing against other cultures, but when you're struggling to hear them anyway ... the accents are not fun!).

So I got a grand total of one hour stitching today - this afternoon, on the Lighthouse kit - but at least that 5hrs is finished and I can look forward to starting my Christmas Mystery tomorrow (if I'm lucky ... it's another work night ...).

Carole Snow

I finished this last night - 9hrs stitching, and a bit more to put it together. I got this kit as a gift with an ornament exchange, the ornament would have been more than enough - but it was a fun kit and I appreciate it - thank you Ornament Exchange Buddy!

Wednesday, January 12, 2005

We're back!

Editing to add my stitching hours the last few days -

Sunday 9th Jan - 4hrs - Carol Snowman
Monday 10th Jan - 3hrs - Carol Snowman
Tuesday 11th Jan - none (gasp!)
Today (12th Jan) - 2hrs Carol Snowman and 2hrs Lighthouse Kit

I still haven't quite decided whether I want this to be a stitching only blog ... or whether anybody would be interested in my hum-drum life of being a Mum with five kids. I'll give a quick run down, in case anyone is in the least bit interested :)

I'm 36yo (as of Sunday just gone) - I was basically born and raised in the area I now live (Kapiti Coast of New Zealand), no.4 of eight children (5 sisters, 2 brothers) - I had a pretty easy going, normal childhood. Most of my siblings still live locally, including one of my older sisters who lives about 10min walk away - with her five children ... very conveniently her two younger boys are about the same age as my three older boys - so they have a lot of fun together :)

We have five children - David is 13.5, going off to High School in a few weeks - he has hit pretty typical teenage behaviour traits - but on the whole is a good, easygoing, intelligent "nice" kid. Josh is 10.5, he is the intellectual type - quiet, loves to read ... reminds me a lot of myself at that age. Cameron is 9yo - very sporty, and a very able sportsman, also does really well at school - in fact is one of the lucky people that seems to be able to try his hand at anything and do it well. Rhiannon is 6yo - first girl and as girlie as you could get, with a bit of toughness that having three big brothers gives you to go with it though. Charlotte is our 3yo whirlwind, she is an incredibly able child - very physical (walked at 9mths and hasn't stopped since), but with "very able" comes very demanding - she's been a real eye-opener for me ;)

Back to now ... we're just come back from a few days away in the Hawkes Bay - the sunny part of NZ, where it rained the whole day first day we were there, we still managed to keep busy all day though - Aquarium, Marineland and some indoor pools saw to that. Yesterday we spent the day at Splash Planet, a water park - which was fun also ... although I have to admit to looking forward to the time where ALL the kids are big enough to look after themselves and I can just sit and read while keeping an eye on them, rather than pool hopping with Miss 3yo and 6yo.

I did manage to stitch in the evenings - I've nearly finished an ornament. I'll finish that tonight and then finish off the 3hrs left of the five hours of the Lighthouse Kit ... and then FINALLY I'll start the first part of Christmas Mystery II.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

One Teacup - Finished :)

I only had the working copy sent with the RR for this, it was quite fun to see it "develop" - it looks much nicer in colour - than the black and white graph LOL

Back to the Lighthouse Kit for five hours - I managed two tonight - these are the two comparisons - from when I left it in November sometime -

and this after the last five hours -

I'm going to try and keep to five hours between small projects, or 5hrs between 10hr slots of big projects. This is a project for good friends of ours, he bought it when they were in the US, she has asked me to stitch it on the quiet, knowing he will never actually get to stitching it, as was the plan. It's on aida, and a kit, and pretty fiddly - none of my favourite things!

That's it for tonight ... we're off on holiday for a few days - I doubt a whole lot of stitching will be done, but hopefully lots of swimming and sunshine instead!

Teacups: 2.5hrs
Lighthouse: 2hrs

Friday, January 07, 2005

One teacup, nearly finished

Just a couple more hours probably - some boring white and light grey crosses, then the back-stitching.

I received a lovely little kit today for a Christmas Ornament on some hard canvas stuff (its down the other end of the house right now) - I think I'll take that with me on Sunday when we leave for a few days away.

Soooo - tomorrow, I should finish the teacup and start another 5hrs on the Lighthouse Kit, I'll leave that at home when we leave though and take the wee ornament with me. Even though we are on holiday, we'll still have small kiddoes fast asleep by 9pm, so I figure I'll still get a few hours stitching in. Only 7 more months until oldest son is old enough to babysit - then we'll be able to leave the darlings asleep and pop out to a movie or something when we are away like that :)

Teacup RR: 4.5hrs

Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cherished Teddy Picture ... and other ramblings

Adding on a little more, now it is the end of the day -

Silly frogs came visiting tonight - I started, undone, restarted, undone, and restarted again one very small snowman for a teacup - I cannot believe I miscounted TWICE! LOL

Here is my latest finish, isn't she cute? I *almost* feel like stitching another and making it into a pillow for one of my girls.

While I was in Picturetrail I added 2005 albums, and tidied up some of the older ones. I joined all previous years' RR etc folders in with the appropriate finish year i.e. - 2001, 02, 03 and 04 just have one album, with everything in it. 2003 was obviously my BIG year of RR's ... there are 90 photos in that album, a lot of them squares for RR's ... wow I must have been crazy - just 3-4 a year is plenty!

6 January 2005 -
Lighthouse Kit: 3hrs
Teacup RR: 2hrs

Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First start, and finish for 2005

One Cherished Teddy RR square done :)

I'll take a picture tomorrow - but it's actually pretty cute, don't know why I put off these squares for so long, I always enjoy stitching something a bit different from what I'd usually choose, I should know that by now - that's why I still love stitching RR's.

I'm going to try and keep track of the hours I stitch, a lot of people say I stitch fast - I'm not sure whether I stitch fast, or get lots of time - I think a combination of both (although it will be very approximate, I'm not going to get stop-watch sort of serious, and I tend to get lots of interruptions ~ five children kind of does that).

5 January 2005 -
Cherished Teddy: 2hrs
Lighthouse Kit: 2hrs

Monday, January 03, 2005

January Goals ... and this week's


Cherished Teddy RR
Teacup RR
1st Part of Christmas Mystery II
20hrs on Lighthouse Kit
2 Ornaments
Elizabeth Designs - October Sky Sampler

This Week (Monday 3 January to Sunday 9 January):

Two RR Squares
1st Part of Christmas Mystery II
10hrs Kit

For now my rotation will go:

RR Square 1
5hrs Kit
RR Square 2
5hrs Kit
1st Part of Christmas Mystery II
5hrs Kit
5hrs Kit
5hrs Kit
October Sky Sampler

We'll see how it goes. Yesterday the kids and I carried on with their Christmas jigsaw, then we went out to friends for a BBQ - so I didn't even pick up a needle! Today I need to do some sorting and some sewing, I'll get to cross-stitch tonight though.


Saturday, January 01, 2005


but on the first day of 2005, not last day of 2004 ... oh well.

Here she is -

She had an awful lot of beads, more than I thought, well it took a lot longer than I thought it would to add them :)

Here are a couple of pictures of Shepherds Bush stockings I stitched for good friends of ours -

Now it's on to the two Round Robin squares I need to stitch - the first a Cherished Teddy that needs to be sent by 10th January, hopefully I'll get the teacup for the second one finished before that as well and get them both sent off.