Wednesday, January 05, 2005

First start, and finish for 2005

One Cherished Teddy RR square done :)

I'll take a picture tomorrow - but it's actually pretty cute, don't know why I put off these squares for so long, I always enjoy stitching something a bit different from what I'd usually choose, I should know that by now - that's why I still love stitching RR's.

I'm going to try and keep track of the hours I stitch, a lot of people say I stitch fast - I'm not sure whether I stitch fast, or get lots of time - I think a combination of both (although it will be very approximate, I'm not going to get stop-watch sort of serious, and I tend to get lots of interruptions ~ five children kind of does that).

5 January 2005 -
Cherished Teddy: 2hrs
Lighthouse Kit: 2hrs

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