Friday, January 07, 2005

One teacup, nearly finished

Just a couple more hours probably - some boring white and light grey crosses, then the back-stitching.

I received a lovely little kit today for a Christmas Ornament on some hard canvas stuff (its down the other end of the house right now) - I think I'll take that with me on Sunday when we leave for a few days away.

Soooo - tomorrow, I should finish the teacup and start another 5hrs on the Lighthouse Kit, I'll leave that at home when we leave though and take the wee ornament with me. Even though we are on holiday, we'll still have small kiddoes fast asleep by 9pm, so I figure I'll still get a few hours stitching in. Only 7 more months until oldest son is old enough to babysit - then we'll be able to leave the darlings asleep and pop out to a movie or something when we are away like that :)

Teacup RR: 4.5hrs

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Anonymous said...

I found your link at the stitching blogring. I read a few blogs and like your stuff. I love the christmas boots.
Nice to 'meet'you,
Anneke, from Holland