Sunday, January 16, 2005

Quick entry

It's been a lazy Sunday, I've only got a hood left to knit for the doll's outfit, and I managed to stitch 3hrs of Xmas II ... it seems to be taking a long time to stitch this one little piece.

Back to reality in a big way this week ... and it's still two weeks until school starts! Rhiannon and Cameron start back at gymnastics, Cameron and Josh are doing a cricket training thing, Cameron in the mornings, Josh in the afternoons, Cameron starts soccer training on Friday ... plus need to get school books so I've got time to cover them, and a school uniform for David, oh and first soccer meeting of the year tomorrow night ... no rest for the wicked, I must have been mightly wicked sometime!

Xmas Mystery II - 3hrs

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lisa! I stumbled across your stitching blog by accident and am having great fun reading it!

Margaret (aka meggie2)