Monday, January 24, 2005

Major question of the day ..

How many points for Movie popcorn?? ... one books says 2.5pts/cup ... another says 2.5pts per 25g/small bucket ... so I either pigged out on approximately 10pts of popcorn, or only 2.5pts ... whatever, it wasn't the healthiest lunch!

I'd very proudly finished the gazebo part of the Sweetpea Gazebo, swearing to myself at how little green ribbon was left for the rest of the sampler, only to find tonight there are TWO DIFFERENT greens, I should have used the lighter one for the "sweetpea" leaves ... darn it. I'll carry on and see how far the darker one goes, if I run out I'll definitely undo the sweetpea leaves, if I don't I'll see how it looks - there isn't that much difference, but then again I like things exactly right so will probably end up undoing them and re-doing them with the right colour *sigh*.

It IS a fun stitch though - I'm really enjoying the challenge of different stitches, so much so that it was midnight last night when I finished ... I was sure it was more like 10pm LOL.

Meanwhile my wonderful DH took the kids out for the day yesterday so I could get on with the soccer club's annual accounts, I'm so relieved to have those mostly out of the way - well, all the hard work, I just need to tidy them up, talk to the accountant about a few things. The kids and David went further up the beach from where we live to the rocky part about 20mins away - the following link will take you to photos of their adventure :)

Sweetpea Gazebo Sampler - 5.5hrs

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Kiwi Jo said...

The photos of your family are making me very homesick! New Zealand really is a wonderful place to bring up children and it looks like they had a great adventure.