Saturday, January 22, 2005

Just a little finish ... and a bigger start

I finished this little ornament at work on Thursday night, the same day there was a question on one of the boards I frequent about whether you consider yourself a fast or slow stitcher ... this took me about 2hrs - do you think that makes me fast? People seem to think I am fast, and I'd say I am - but I'm also lucky enough to get lots of time to stitch - most days I seem to be able to fit in 3-4hrs, if not more.

Here's the ornament - from Cross Stitch Crazy - a magazine I might buy more of, there are a few in this issue (Christmas 2004) that I will probably stitch. Stitched on 25ct Lugana Angel Blush, this ornament is going to a friend who I'm doing an ornament exchange with this year - we are exchanging ornaments once every two months - I'm trying to get ahead, hence the stitching ornaments so early on in the year.

I started Sweet Pea Gazebo last night, if you're observant you will note that this isn't on my January list at all! I've been stitching such piddly things all month I really needed something bigger and challenging to do - we've got a long weekend this weekend and I'm hoping to get lots of stitching done, it will be nice to be doing a biggish project.

Plus, I've decided to use Misty Blue 32ct Linen for ED's October Sky Sampler AND Sleeping Beauty. I started Sleeping Beauty a few years ago on my own hand-dyed fabric but have decided I really don't like it and am going to restart it - along with some other gals as a SAL. I ordered the fabric from Countrystitch the other day, but I know Debbie needed to order some in, and she's been sick ... so I can't start them quite yet ... great excuse for another new start.

... and other things in my life? I went to WW after my first week of the programme yesterday and managed to lose 2.2kg - that's about 5lb - so onto the second week - hopefully I will do well again - I've been sticking to the points, making sure I walk at least once a day and trying to drink 2 litres of water a day ... all things combined seem to work.

I've got about 500 envelopes, 500 labels, 600 registration forms and 600 newsletters to put together to mail out to our soccer club members ready for this season - it doesn't start until April, but it's amazing how much work there is just to get it up and running. I've also got to do the annual accounts - lovely DH is going to take the kids out tomorrow morning so I can get on with those, without continuous "I want" interruptions.

... I think that is it on my all exciting life for now.

Friday 21 Jan
- 1.5hrs Lighthouse
- 1.5hrs Sweetpea Gazebo

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Katrina said...

Hi Lisa, I've just come across your blog so thought I'd drop a note to say hello. Look forward to seeing more pics of your stitching!