Thursday, January 13, 2005

Reality with a bump

Started back at work tonight ... I work as a word-processing operator for a commercial legal company in Wellington. For the couple of months or so before Christmas it had been really quiet and I got a fair amount of stitching done - I work the 6.30-11.30pm shift on my own, so it's nice and quiet.

So went off for my first night back after the Christmas break tonight, fully equipped with essential stitching to find ... we're busy, including icky icky verbatum tapes (taped meetings ... one South African with a thick accent, who does a lot of talking ... don't get me wrong I have nothing against other cultures, but when you're struggling to hear them anyway ... the accents are not fun!).

So I got a grand total of one hour stitching today - this afternoon, on the Lighthouse kit - but at least that 5hrs is finished and I can look forward to starting my Christmas Mystery tomorrow (if I'm lucky ... it's another work night ...).

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