Saturday, January 08, 2005

One Teacup - Finished :)

I only had the working copy sent with the RR for this, it was quite fun to see it "develop" - it looks much nicer in colour - than the black and white graph LOL

Back to the Lighthouse Kit for five hours - I managed two tonight - these are the two comparisons - from when I left it in November sometime -

and this after the last five hours -

I'm going to try and keep to five hours between small projects, or 5hrs between 10hr slots of big projects. This is a project for good friends of ours, he bought it when they were in the US, she has asked me to stitch it on the quiet, knowing he will never actually get to stitching it, as was the plan. It's on aida, and a kit, and pretty fiddly - none of my favourite things!

That's it for tonight ... we're off on holiday for a few days - I doubt a whole lot of stitching will be done, but hopefully lots of swimming and sunshine instead!

Teacups: 2.5hrs
Lighthouse: 2hrs


Kiwi Jo said...

Hi Lisa, I'm so happy I found your blog! I lived in Wellington for 3 years (in Miramar) while I did my PhD - it's a small world! You have done some lovely stitching and Emerald Mermaid is just gorgeous. I can't believe you do all this stitching as well as raise 5 children, I'm in total awe! I hope you have good weather for your holiday but Mum (in Dunedin) has been telling me about NZ's awful summer. Jo

Laural said...

Oh wow your teacup is adorable! Wow you got really on your lighthouse in 5 hours! Enjoy your holiday :)

Anonymous said...

you stitch very fast! I wish I could. But I love your teacup with that snowman. I LOVE snowman (it's the theme of my RR). But we keep it a secret what you stitch for a RR, so I can't show what I'm going to make for another RR.
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