Thursday, January 06, 2005

Cherished Teddy Picture ... and other ramblings

Adding on a little more, now it is the end of the day -

Silly frogs came visiting tonight - I started, undone, restarted, undone, and restarted again one very small snowman for a teacup - I cannot believe I miscounted TWICE! LOL

Here is my latest finish, isn't she cute? I *almost* feel like stitching another and making it into a pillow for one of my girls.

While I was in Picturetrail I added 2005 albums, and tidied up some of the older ones. I joined all previous years' RR etc folders in with the appropriate finish year i.e. - 2001, 02, 03 and 04 just have one album, with everything in it. 2003 was obviously my BIG year of RR's ... there are 90 photos in that album, a lot of them squares for RR's ... wow I must have been crazy - just 3-4 a year is plenty!

6 January 2005 -
Lighthouse Kit: 3hrs
Teacup RR: 2hrs

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