Monday, January 17, 2005

Nearly finished Part I

I've finished all the crosses on one cherub, just a few colours of the second one to go - I should finish Part 1 before Part 2 comes out! LOL

I've joined in a Sleeping Beauty (Mirabilia) SAL - 1/12th of it each month ... I need to now decide whether to use the fabric I started it on ages ago (at least 2 years), or use a different one ... decisions decisions.

Before I stitch that I'll have to stitch a couple of ornaments and at least one five hour block on the lighthouse kit ... nothing like a bit of discipline for the soul.

Hopefully I'll have a scan of the Christmas Mystery tomorrow :) ... maybe even a finished dolls suit as well - tomorrow is supposed to be a quiet one!

Xmas Mystery II - 3hrs

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