Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finally ...

A good chunk of stitching! I finally started Christmas Mystery II last night, but only did about an hour after I'd come home from work - finally did a good 3.5hr chunk tonight ... I'm still not sure I like Chatelaine's cherubs - I love the things she does with colour and different threads - I suppose though, that nobody can beat Mirabilia's seemingly ease of working lovely faces and flowing people ... in my eyes anyway.

I've also had this insane urge to knit the last few days, so I dug out some doll clothes patterns from long ago and bought some wool and I've started knitting Rhiannon's baby Chou Chou a onesie suit thing ... then Charlotte wants a matinee jacket and bonnet for hers ... the last few years my knitting urges don't last long, I'm hoping I'll at least be enthused long enough to finish a couple of small doll things!

I re-joined WW yesterday ... had my last pig out yesterday ... so started the programme today - so far so good, one day down, lots to go - I did manage to get out for a 50min walk - yay me :)

Friday - Xmas II - 1hr
Saturday - Xmas II - 3.5hr

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Anonymous said...

Hi there.

I love your Christmas ornament Carole Snow. She is really cute! How's the knitting coming along? Hope you don't loose the urge before finishing the dolls clothes for your girls!

What's WW?

Karen F