Thursday, January 27, 2005

Another day, another stitch ... or two

Work is quiet again - that means lots of stitching time :) I've reached the bottom fence and hardanger work on the bottom of Sweetpea Gazebo ... I should finish it this weekend - it's a pretty fast stitch considering the cost of it ... but oh, so pretty, and lots of fun!

Nothing much happening really - it's Friday tomorrow, then the weekend, and then the kids are back at school on Monday - I can't believe the holidays have gone by so fast. Although there is a little (or maybe biggish) part of me that will be pleased to have a quiet house, that stays sort of tidyish, between 9 and 3 again.

Time for me to head home!

Wed - Sweetpea Gazebo - 3hrs
Thurs - Sweetpea Gazebo - 5hrs

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