Tuesday, May 15, 2007

All about me :)

Sooooo where did this blogger disappear to? Not anywhere really, but a mixture of being busy, personal stuff going on just made me lose my blogging mojo (and stitching mojo a bit too).

I think I bored you with all my DH's work dramas nearly a year ago, and how he'd found his perfect job etc etc ... well for the last few months there were obvious problems, very obvious as I was doing the accounts. As of a few days ago the fanchise he worked for went into liquidation, a couple of weeks ago the franchise head office came in, thought they could sort it and would step in and take over that particular francise, but at the last minute (and very last minute) decided to pull out completely. Which of course left DH with no job. Also no pay for that fortnight he was owed pay for, no notice, nothing - nada nada nothing. Good news is that Head Office really like him and definitely didn't want to lose him, so within a couple of days DH had the same job, same deal (nearly) in Palmerston North. Of course, the missed pay wasn't their responsibility though.

Anyway - we are fine, very fine - but for me anyway, I've definitely been emotionally drained - this was going to be OUR year and so far it's been a continual emotional roller coaster - I didn't say much at the time, but at the beginning of the year I had a very early miscarriage and was emotionally drained for a little while then (probably longer than I care to admit even to myself), just as life was looking up, this happened. Let's just say life can only get better!

In other newsy news ...

I've had my first Stampin' Up workshop and it went well - I was a nervous wreck, but it went fine and the friends I invited all seemed to enjoy themselves, and I have a couple of bookings from that first one, so hopefully business is nearly ready to roll :) I'm going to set myself up another blog that is just for my stamping - when I get time! LOL

I've had my first School Trustees meeting and it went okay - I'm still not sure I know what I'm doing, but am going on a couple of courses over the next month or two - so that should help, I'll learn as I go - I'm definitely looking at this as a way of leaving my comfort zone and learning and educating myself :)

Stitchingwise - I did indeed finish Sampler Gameboard but have given it to Katrina to show at her annual exhibition ... and never took a photo of it, I will do when it comes back. I finished LHN "The Rose in the Morning" last night and then started a canvas - not something I've really done before but I've had the kit for a long time and for some reason I'm quite bored with my crosses lately, so it was nice to pick up something and feel a bit of the old excitement at starting something new. Pictures later ...

One of my big goals this year was to start painting the inside of our house - about a week ago I finally got stuck in and have managed to scrub down the toilet walls - and haven't had time to get in there since! I'm hoping to over the next week or so though ... I can't wait to get to the changing colour, exciting part - the cleaning and sanding is okay, I feel quite empowered ;) ... but definitely not the fun part.

The kids are all good - we've hit soccer season so our Saturdays are madness, gym competitions start to roll this weekend as well - so that's more weekend busyiness! This weekend however, I'm going on a quilting retreat! ... I *think* I'm looking forward to it - its a bit of a last minute fill in for someone else who can't make it, so I have a little bit of prep work to do before I leave, not mention I don't have any quilting on the go so might need to dig something out to actually do - but it will be nice to get away and spend time with my sewing machine and like minded people. Sadly, the reason I'm going is because DH's Aunty Betty is in hospital and can't make it - I'm going with Deb - DH's cousin, Betty's daughter - Aunty Betty is waiting to see what they will do with her badly damaged knee ... there is talk of her losing her leg :(

I think thats all the dribble I have for now ... I need to stop procrastinating and go do the cricket work I'm supposed to be doing! I will take some pictures and write more interesting entries very very soon - I promise!

Sunday, May 06, 2007

April into May

Well, here I am ... not quite disappeared. It's been a hard and busy couple of weeks - I'll get into that another time. For now, I need to sort out my goals :)

April Roundup

  1. Finish Stargazer - No - still some beads to do.
  2. Participate in Needleroll SAL - Yes
  3. Stitch one ornament for the ornament SAL - No
  4. Pinkeep Exchange - Yes
  5. Work on Faery Tales - No
  6. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares - Only 2 - but a Yes
  7. Stitch 2 L*K Blessings - Yes
  8. Work on PIF Gifts - No
  9. Finish Sampler Gameboard - Yes!

I need to take a photo of Sampler Gameboard ... it is indeedy ALL finished :D

May Goals

  1. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares
  2. Stitch 2 L*K Blessings
  3. Finish Stargazer
  4. Work on PIF Gifts
  5. Work on Faery Tales
  6. Needleroll SAL
  7. Ornament SAL
  8. Catch up Ornament from last month
  9. Finish LHN - The Rose in Morning
  10. Work on one of my old WIPs