Sunday, May 06, 2007

April into May

Well, here I am ... not quite disappeared. It's been a hard and busy couple of weeks - I'll get into that another time. For now, I need to sort out my goals :)

April Roundup

  1. Finish Stargazer - No - still some beads to do.
  2. Participate in Needleroll SAL - Yes
  3. Stitch one ornament for the ornament SAL - No
  4. Pinkeep Exchange - Yes
  5. Work on Faery Tales - No
  6. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares - Only 2 - but a Yes
  7. Stitch 2 L*K Blessings - Yes
  8. Work on PIF Gifts - No
  9. Finish Sampler Gameboard - Yes!

I need to take a photo of Sampler Gameboard ... it is indeedy ALL finished :D

May Goals

  1. Stitch 3 Advent Calendar Squares
  2. Stitch 2 L*K Blessings
  3. Finish Stargazer
  4. Work on PIF Gifts
  5. Work on Faery Tales
  6. Needleroll SAL
  7. Ornament SAL
  8. Catch up Ornament from last month
  9. Finish LHN - The Rose in Morning
  10. Work on one of my old WIPs


Margaret said...

Woooohoooo. Now have I see a picture of it???

Deb said...

Ok Miss Speedy Needles I tagged you with 7 Things About Me. Take a look at my blog if you wanna play