Friday, December 31, 2004

Emerald Mermaid ... has LOTS of beads!

I'm still going on them ... hopefully it'll be finished tonight - I'm sure I thought that a couple of days ago!

Meanwhile I finally got the charms for Jim's stocking and put those on this morning after being woken up by Rhiannon way too early, just need to put the ribbon on Deb's one and they will be completely finished. It's just as well we didn't see them at Christmas, I'll be able to wrap them up and give them to them in the New Year.

Also got all the supplies for Xmas II ... all kitted up and all - I can't wait to start using those beautiful silks and beads ... and ... and ...

I'm thinking of trying to work a good rotation again - at least until I get the dreaded kit finished - making that the focus piece and whatever else I feel like stitching the other 10hrs ... in theory it should work ... but as most folks know, I've good with the ideas - but not so good at carrying them through, there's always something that catches my eye and my stitching fingers and the rotation disappears! LOL

Hopefully I'll have a finished piccie of Emerald Mermaid later :)

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