Thursday, December 30, 2004

Two sleeps until 2005

and hopefully Emerald Mermaid will be finished in 2004! I finished all the "cross" stitching last night, and started the beading. I should finish the beading today - yay! It's taken just under two weeks to stitch - definitely a great stitch for someone starting out with Mirabilia - a bit smaller, some sparkly stitching, but not too much and some beading, but not too much.

I've two RR squares to stitch next - one is a Teddy Bear, and one a Tea Cup - both with patterns that came along with the RR, both fiddly with lots of back-stitching, I'm not really looking forward to them, but need to get them out of the way.

I was hoping my supplies for Chatelaine's Christmas Mystery II would have arrived in the Post Box yesterday, but they hadn't. Hopefully today! Although I'll then have to be very strong and not start that until the RR's are done.

I think I'll stitch Elizabeth Design's October Sky after that ... I need something fun and quick :)

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