Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Works in Progress ... and a bit of life ...

I have a blissful week this week - NO meetings! yee-hahhhh! ... the last few weeks have been crazy and I'm so pleased they are over. I'm still busy, still working hard, still not keeping up with housework or exercise ... but at least once the evening comes I know I can sit and stitch for a few hours - it really is a sanity saver for me.

We have major crap going on amongst Cameron's soccer team - well not his team, the parents involved - why they just can't enjoy the kids playing soccer, I will never know. My DH is going along to support the coach at a disciplinary hearing this Thursday - very long story, but basically a parent abused the COACH ... and somehow it's been turned around and twisted, very sad - they are going to lose good people over this :( I'm feeling very defeated myself because I know for sure that there is more to it, and I know for sure one particular man is very sneaky and stirring (especially after hearing his son call the coach a "lying pig"!), but can't pin him to anything!

Anyway - enough of that! On to nicer things ... like WIP's -

Here is Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy - I'm going to keep working on this until I finish it, hopefully in the next few days.

and my Summer Fairie from HAED - she looks nearly finished, but there is still a wee bit of work to do - I might pick her up and try and finish her after Halloween Fairy.

Thanks for looking! Sorry I haven't been around to comment on other blogs - I'm forever hopeful that life really IS going to slow down soon, very very soon! LOL


Emma said...

I am very impressed with your WIPs!

Sorry about the parent issues. I hope they are resolved as painlessly as possible.

Faith Ann said...

Both your fairies are looking fantastic!! Love the colours in the HAED.

I hope the soccer team issues get resolved soon... and there aren't too many hurt feelings.

Vicki said...

BTDT regarding soccer parents. Had a huge blow up with Connor's travel and that team is pretty much nonexistant because a group of rebels decided they had to have things their way instead of the leagues way and took half the team and went off on their own. That's okay with...they took all the troublemaker parents with them but that didn't leave enough players to make a team inside the league. They'll try again in the spring but I'm not sure that Connor will rejoin at that point.

Beautiful WIP's...but then again your stitching is always lovely. =)

Lana said...

I love your WIP's, they are beautiful!

Leah said...

Your fairies are coming along nicely!

Von said...

Life slowing down - a dream of mine too, lol! Perhaps when more kids are out of the house.

Your wips are looking great! Keep up the great work. :D