Thursday, August 03, 2006

July into August

July Round-Up

1. NZ SAL Ornament - not quite
2. One other Ornament - no
3. Finish Woodland Cottage - no
4. House Exchange - stitched, but not made up yet.
5. Work on Mirabilia's The Kiss - yes
6. Work on HAED QS Summer Fairy - yes (but not finished like I hoped!)

I also started:
Mirabilia's Halloween Fairy
Mirabilia's Stargazer

Other goals:
7. Update Blogger Daily - I tried! Much better than the month before.
8. Comment on three blogs daily - I started off okay, but got very busy the last couple of weeks.

August Goals

1. Finish July SAL Ornament
2. Finish August SAL Ornament
3. Finish one other Ornament
4. Finish Woodland Cottage
5. Work on The Kiss
6. Work on The Stargazer
7. Finish HAED Summer Fairy
8. Finish Halloween Fairy
9. Work on starting to stitch through my vast collection of DT charts and kits.

August Rotation Plans

Monday - The Drawn Thread
Tuesday - The Kiss/The Stargazer
Wednesday - Ornament
Thursday - Ornament
Friday - Whatever
Saturday - HAED
Sunday - HAED

except this weekend when I plan on stitching and finishing Halloween Fairy :)


zoeandcooper said...

Good luck with your August rotation! It looks like a fun one!

Bine said...

I like your august rotation very much and it sounds like you will get stitched a lot with it.
....I should add your july goals 7. Update Blogger Daily and 8. Comment on three blogs daily to my goals :-)