Sunday, September 03, 2006

It's been a while!

Life really has just got in the way lately. But having said that - I really need to get into the habit of updating here regularly! It is a great way to keep a diary of life, and of course my stitching. Maybe September will be a better month :)

In big news ... my DH finally has a new job, we are definitely looking at this as a new start. Until a few days ago, I knew he was struggling and had been for a while, but I really do think he was close to being tipped over the edge and a few days ago very nearly did - I'm not going to go into it except to say I didn't realise how much he has been struggling. So onwards and upwards ... he has some healing to do and confidence to build again, but I know we can do that together.

(just re-read that and it sounds like he was going to do something really silly like top himself - definitely not! But he has definitely been in a dark place).

He is going to be working for Signature Homes - he will be managing the office and selling. The franchise owner is ready to "just" organise the building and wants someone to step into running everything else.

It is going to be tough for a little while as it is a much lower salary plus commission, so until the first commission comes in we will have to be very careful, but we have a game plan and everything is looking good ... that plus a little bit of faith and we're ready for what we are hoping is a way up for us.

... and just to prove our luck is turning - we won some money on Lotto last night! well sort of luck turning ... we have six rows of a combination of our 8 b/dates (including the cat) ... would you believe we got FIVE of our birthdates come out, which would have been Div 3 (about $700) ... but with all our combinations not one of them put those five numbers in a row - you really do have to laugh. BUT we did have five rows of combinations of four ... so we get about $170 out of it. We've always had an unwritten rule in this house where if we win a little in Lotto (and believe me I think it's only happened once or twice before and hasn't been that much LOL) that we do a family FUN thing with it - we can't usually afford things like that. So we need to all sit down and decide what we want to do ... I'm leaning towards movies and dinner - but we'll see what the kids want :D

... oh, and yes ... I have been fitting in some stitching, not as much as I'd like - but I always find time for a little bit. I'll update in separate post so I can insert photos easier.

Happy Fathers day to my Husband who is a pretty darn good father :)

Happy Fathers day to my Dad - who is a pretty darn good father too :)


Kath said...

Glad to see you back Lisa. I have been thinking of you.

Floss said...

Busy as always at your house. So pleased the job-scene is sorted, it must be a load off his mind. Nice to see you again too!