Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pictures ... at last!

I've only been promising for about a week!

Here is Stargazer -

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and Sampler Gameboard -

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I tried to stitch last night but could hardly keep my eyes open, I swear it took about 5x as long to do each cross! LOL

Quiet day at home today ... I have some accounts to put on the account system and then I'm hoping to make up a couple of ornaments and start on the quilt. Have also promised the girls a walk to the park if they're good and let me get on with it!

Cameron and DH are off to yet another soccer tournament - about two more weeks and then soccer will be well and truly finished for the year - it mostly is now :)

and to finish, here is the best I could get of Rhiannon playing yesterday - I reckon getting sport action shots must be the hardest sort of photo to take! (she's the blonde one in the yellow)

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~Velda said...

Hi Lisa
I enjoyed reading your blog. Love your stitchy pieces and the pic of your daughter is great!

Pam said...

Oh, Stargazer is beautiful Lisa! You've got quite a bit done on her already. I love the DT gameboard. I have this in my stash and want to start it soon, as soon as I get some of my WIP's out of the way.

Great picture of Rhiannon, she looks like she is having fun. I'm never good at action shots at all, they seem to come out blurry.

Hope you enjoyed your quiet day!

Vicki said...

Stargazer and Gameboard look wonderful! Cool action shot. We spent the day at the field today where it rained off and on throughout all the cames. Luckily it was basically just drizzle and it was still somewhat warm that you didn't mind much.

zoeandcooper said...

Great progress on both stargazer and your gameboard. They are both so lovely! Wonderful work as usual:)

MiPa said...

You make me want to start Stargazer, but not til I get some finishes! Sports shots are hard to get--but that one is adorable. Thanks for sharing.

Jenny said...

Stargazer looks so pretty now that she has a face! :)

Margaret said...

Rhiannon is concentrating so hard! Great picture.

And I wish I knew where my gameboard was. Yours looks wonderful. Mine is languishing in a box somewhere.

Barb said...

Stargazer is going to be beautiful when done. You are doing great on the gameboard too. Your daughter looks like she is serious about soccer! I have a few nieces and nephews that loved the sport and played in it too.

Rowyn said...

Stargazer and the Gameboard are looking gorgeous. Did you get a copy of JCS Xmas ornaments yet? I was in Magnetix today (Tuesday) and they definitely have a copy left. Let me know if you want me to grab it for you, I haven't seen it anywhere else.