Wednesday, September 27, 2006

An update, again ...

I really need to get into a rhythm with this blogging thing - not only have I been slack at updating my blog, but I'm being hopeless at leaving comments too - I AM reading blogs, lots of them - just not commenting!

Soccer season finished last week, so except for my usual accounts, tidying up etc it should be quieter now ... and I'm counting down - only a couple more months and I'll be finished - I can't wait!

It's school holidays here this week and next week, which is nice. I've been making myself get up at 7.00am rather than sleeping in so I can be sure to get a little bit of work done and spend some time with the kids. The last couple of days seems to have been in and out and about in the car. Today should be a nice quiet one though :)

Anyway - update photos! ... here we go ...

First up - our NZ SAL August Ornament - this took lots of talking and wondering, and ideas to try and stitch and make up without buying the not so cheap called for pillow. I was pretty pleased, when I'd put it all together and it worked! "Noel" from JSC Ornament Magazine 2005 (can't remember the designer off hand)

and then we have this month's SAL ornament - "Christmas" by Brightneedle Designs from JCS Ornament Magazine 2005 - stitched over one and made up into a little flat ornament - and it IS little, but rather cute I think!

Next, an update on Stargazer - I haven't stitched on her for about a week, although I'm hoping to this weekend so should have another update in a few days. She is just so pretty, although I can see that skirt getting rather tedious after a while.

and I had the Prairie Schooler Christmas piece I started this week, just on impulse really - I've been awful at that lately, there are lots I should be finishing, rather than starting new ones! I'm too scared to try and upload it now, I'll probably end up losing everything I've already got here, so you will just have to wait until another day - maybe I'll actually post again tomorrow, that would be two entries in two days! LOL

Thank you for all the previous comments - I love to get them and really appreciate them, especially as I'm hopeless at returning them! Oh, and an update on my father - he is doing fine, very embarrassed, and very frustrated at my Mother and sisters nagging him ... but physically he is healing well. I feel sorry for him, as much as I worry that he will do himself serious damage or run out of the nine lives he seems to have, he'd be miserable doing nothing ... and life is all about living it and enjoying it.


Von said...

What are the school holidays for? Just a break between quarters? I never had my kids play soccer - I just couldn't keep up with the schedule. Wayyyy too much for me. :D

Kali said...

The ornaments came out great! I love the NOEL one especially, I have that in my "to do" pile here :) your Mira is coming along nicely as well

AnneS said...

Your latest ornie finishes are great ... I have the Noel one kitted up too ... might even get it done for Xmas 2007 ;)