Thursday, September 28, 2006

Look, two posts in two days!

I didn't stitch at all yesterday - but I did start making a quilt! ... well, I started in the weekend by cutting lots of little squares, yesterday I cut strips and started sewing it together, and so far, so good! It is for a friend having a baby - she is due end of October, so I needed to get moving. I'm really pleased with it so far :) This is the first two strips sewn together, the third isn't attached, just put there so I could see how it is looking - and a closer up too - my corners aren't 100% perfect, but I think they're okay.

and the promised Prairie Schooler WIP - I was hoping to finish this yesterday but got involved in the quilting thing, and then went to my parents for dinner and after that off to a meeting. I'll take it to work tonight and hope that it is quiet.

Another quietish day today - I have minutes to type up from last night, some accounts to send off and such, desperately need to clean and vacuum this place, but otherwise - the day is free.


Von said...

A great start on a really cute quilt, Lisa!! :D

AnneS said...

Your quilt is looking great!! :D