Sunday, September 03, 2006

August into September

August Goals

1. Finish July SAL Ornament - yes
2. Finish August SAL Ornament - started
3. Finish one other Ornament - yes
4. Finish Woodland Cottage - no
5. Work on The Kiss - yes
6. Work on The Stargazer - no
7. Finish HAED Summer Fairy - no (did work on it though)
8. Finish Halloween Fairy - yes
9. Work on starting to stitch through my vast collection of DT charts and kits - yes

Not too bad ... considering it was a hard, busy month!

Not sure about goals this month, I'll set a few - but I think I need to give up on rotating! LOL This week DH and Josh are off to ski camp, I've been working really hard the last couple of weeks to give myself a free week this week, of course I still have a few things to do (typical!) ... but mostly I plan on stitching lots, I'm really looking forward to it. So although I didn't work on Stargazer last month, she is top of my list to get stuck into next week :) Of course, Rhiannon had some 24 hour bug yesterday ... so I suspect it will all turn to custard and I'll end up with various kids home next week (Murphys Law ... I tell ya, whoever came up with that one could be in BIG trouble).

Anyway - September!

September Goals

1. Finish July Ornament
2. September SAL Ornament (Kath, Katrina, Pat - I have the threads, just need to put them together for you!!)
3. Finish one other Ornament
4. Finish Woodland Cottage
5. Work on The Kiss
6. Work on The Stargazer
7. Work on HAED Summer Fairy (I don't even like this much anymore - but want to finish it before starting on antoher HAED)
8. Finish Linen and Lace
9. Work on DT Sampler Game Board (need to dig it out)

This week?

I'm hoping to stitch those ornaments, stitch a good chunk of Stargazer, work a little bit on Sampler Game Board and more on Linen and Lace (nothing like being positive, right?).

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Katrina said...

Hi Lisa,wonderful to see you back here. Your halloween fairy has turned out great and I look forward to seeing more of Linen and Lace too. Congrats on DH's new job, and I hope it all turns out for the best for you guys.

Got your emails too, will catch up with you in the next few days :) have a great day.