Sunday, September 17, 2006

The Secret Seven

We had most of the end of year soccer tournaments yesterday (means the end of the season - yay!) - David asked if he and some friends could enter their own team (rather than being in his usual team) - so I checked it out, and the club agreed to let them.

They are all friends at high-school, but different clubs, different teams.So they came up with their name, organised their team - only just seven, and it was a seven-a-side tournament, worked out they'd have no subs, but they'd take turns in goal.AND went out to the mall, bought the plain white T shirts, hats and socks with their own money, then spent Friday afternoon/evening coming up with stencils and spray-painting them - and they looked so cool!

The high school was great too - they let them use the art room on Friday afternoon to do their stencils, and even agreed they could miss their next class to carry on with it - I love that they appreciated a group of 14/15yos were using their initiative and encouraged it!

AND ... they won!

I'm so proud of them - who says teenagers spend their time doing stupid things because they're bored, teenagers, whatever ... there ARE some good ones out there.

Here's a couple of photos -

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David is No.69 in the middle holding the trophy ... he was Captain/Coach.


Pam said...

How proud you must be Lisa! They did a great job pulling everything together and the shirts are great LOL! Well done!

Kath said...

I had to chuckle, good on them and their efforts.

Floss said...

What a stellar effort! I love their shirts, they look fantastic, so great to see a bunch of kids using their initiative.

Margaret said...

How great! I love their shirts. Congratulations to them.

Von said...

There are LOTS of great teens out there - they're just not causing trouble to gain attention. :D