Sunday, November 26, 2006

It's been a while!

Not sure why I haven't blogged - just a combination of busyiness and losing my blogging mojo I think.

Lots of pictures today - two weeks of catching up!

Firstly - Charlotte started school last week, hard to believe my baby is five! ... so, last weekend was a busy one. We had her birthday party Saturday afternoon, then a BBQ in the evening - family and a few close friends ... but with my family that = LOTS of people in our not so huge house ... and of course the weather wasn't that great. But it went really really well, I think everyone had a great time. We'd hired a bouncy castle for Charlotte's party and it just fit, very snuggly, into our garage - that thing was wonderful! It kept them amused at the party, and then the little kids amused later on :)

Here's some photos ...

Charlotte and her friends -

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and this next photo is what DH took, got framed and surprised me with at the BBQ, along with a lovely little speech thanking me for the last 15yrs that I've put into our family *sniff sniff* He did really well, firstly I had absolutely NO idea he'd got all the kids together (he did it the Friday afternoon while I was at work), secondly he actually got ALL the kids together and co-operating for a photo, thirdly he took a GREAT photo (he's usually pretty useless LOL) AND he got it printed, framed and everything ... I'll keep him a while longer ;)

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I'd hoped for a quiet week this week, but I should know by now that that just isn't going to happen for me - I've realised that I've been saying that for the entire year - that next week will be quieter, I think I've just got to face the fact that I'm a busy lady. I did finally sit down on Friday and stitch during the day, but even then I got a few phone calls from the Cricket Assn asking various questions. Maybe, just maybe, this week I'll get a chance to get my sewing machine out and make lots of ornaments up!

... and of course, I do have a few stitching pictures - not a whole lot though! I've also stitched most of my next Mirabilia square, but haven't got a couple of the Kreinks I need to finish it off - I need to order them from overseas somewhere, but need to work out what else I need, that isn't going to break the bank - cuz we are poor at the moment! But there is no way I'm just going to order two Kreinks and pay the postage for them ;)

Righty, righty ... stitching pictures ... ahhhhh I lied, I have NO stitching photos - I just checked and the couple of ornaments I was going to show you, I already posted about! I did finish one other, but I have sent it off for an exchange, so it's secret :)

Here is a picture of the wall-hanging I made for Charlotte's Daycare though -

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I've also made quite a few Christmas cards - I went to a class called "Five Quick Christmas Cards" and got some ideas and spent an afternoon last week making a few more, I'll take a photo of some of them at some stage.

I guess I've answered my own question about no blogging ... I haven't got any stitching to share! LOL

Thank you everyone who answered my Pay it Forward - I think I have four people - still need one more! I will get back to you all for addresses etc, I just haven't quite thought about it properly yet :D

Hope everyone is having a good weekend :)


velda said...

I love seeing photos of your children! And that wallhanging is just superb. So now it's time to get stitching!!!!

Faith Ann said...

That wall-hanging is gorgeous!! What a fantastic design for a daycare!

I love the photo that your DH took of your children... what a thoughtful gift.

Katrina said...

how lovely of your DH to surprise you like that. Good to hear that Charlotte's start at school went well too :)

Kath said...

Oh that David is such a surprise eh???!

Love the wall hanging too.

Vicki said...

Sounds like a wonderful party. Glad Charlotte had sucha good time. And those bouncy castles are the best!

Great photo of the kids. Yup, I'd keep hubby for awhile longer. LOL

Very pretty banner. Wish I was that talented.

Tessa said...

What a great photo of your kids - one to treasure for sure.
It is hard to make stitching posts when you are mainly stitching for gifts and exchanges, add that to the 'silly season' and blogging time just slips away...
Love the wall hanging for the daycare - I am sure they just loved it too.