Monday, December 04, 2006

Life ... and all it's trials!

So, what's been happening over the last week? ... remember everyone, I said life would SLOW DOWN when Charlotte went to school, and I'd be finishing soccer at the same time ... shall we do this as bullet points? Lets see what I can remember ...

  • Charlotte has settled into school.

  • I've been on an Estuary Trip with her class.

  • Soccer AGM was yesterday - organised all of that, minutes, agenda, remits, accounts etc. Done and finished now. I am meeting with the lady taking my place on Wednesday - hopefully I will hand everything over and be finished with it then.

  • Cricket Rep Manager decided he was too busy to get together quotes etc for their matches - away/accommodation/vans etc plus funding for them. So I got landed with the job. Fast forward to last week when he threw a hissy fit because he didn't know what was happening, say what?

  • Cameron has played two rep matches and done very well - but DH is manager so for a couple of Sundays/weekends I've been flying solo.

  • Charlotte went away this weekend just gone! ... but I was too busy to savour the peace LOL

  • Gym prize-giving yesterday - Rhiannon got Most Improved, that makes a clean sweep for her this year, Cricket, Soccer and Gym - she received the Most Improved award for each sport - she must have been working hard all year :)

  • It's rained, and rained.

  • Just over a week ago I managed to *nearly* rip my big toe nail off - it's been yucky and sore ever since. Not sure if I should go and get it cut/ripped off (oh yay).

  • Which has meant my good intentions of walking have fallen flat - I did last week with my friend but ended up with a really sore foot from scrunching it up in my shoe to avoid my toe hurting - wayyy to much info, right?

  • Um, not sure what else ... but just to carry on with the never quite doing what I want too - the Chairperson of cricket just rang to see if I could go and have a meeting in half an hour about the budget ... so much for putting ornaments together!

and ... can't have a stitching blog without pictures, right?

Here are a couple of things I've stitched in the last week :)

Our NZ SAL Ornament selection for November.

Evergreen by Blackbird Designs (stitched to sell on ebay)


Emma said...

I find that no matter how much time I free up I always manage to fill it with 'busyness'. It sounds like you've been very busy too! The stitching looks lovely.

~Velda said...

Your stitching is LOVELY!! But, um, when do you sleep? and OUCH on that toe! ((Hugs))

Tessa said...

LOL, Maddi started school 6 years ago and I am still waiting for things to slow down!!!!

Katrina said...

oh your poor toe Lisa, ouch!! Your Evergreen looks great, I've been really enjoying this one but think I might just run out of the main colour too. Can you remember what your sub was, another Weeks thread?

Lana said...

Sounds like you've been busy!I Love the ornaments!

Sara Laughs said...

Hey Lisa! I found your blog finally (although the link was probably on the board all along, huh? LOL). Glad to hear you're well and keeping busy. Congrats to your kids on their games and awards!

Margaret said...

Gracious I'm tired reading this entry. Can I go nap now?

I LOVE Evergreen. Seeing it is what got me hooked on Blackbird Designs' Loose Feathers.

Ouch on the toe.

AnneS said...

Hearing about your toe is making mine curl up in sympathy! Your latest stitching is gorgeous - great idea selling on Ebay too ... might have to think about that for next year too hmmm ;)

Faith Ann said...

Oh my gosh, your life is always so busy!!

I love your ornaments. The heart is sooo cute!