Sunday, December 17, 2006

Thank you Joanie!

*I won't even mention my lack of blogging updates!*

Thank you Joanie! ... I received a lovely pin-keep ornament in the mail a few days ago ... apologies for the lateness in letting you know it had arrived, lets just say it's crazy time of the year!

Here is a picture of the ornament, and goodies.

Not only is it a lovely ornament - but I can use it to copy *blush* ... I have about four ornaments I have put together, but they are waiting for cording - instead on slow sewing cording on I'm going to copy Joanie's and make them into pin-keeps instead - it looks MUCH faster!

Thank you again Joanie ... I love the Lizzie Kate chart and little notepad too - they are perfect for me :)
Life is definitely slowing down now - so I hope to update my blog more regularly AND comment on other blogs. My New Years Resolution is going to be to say NO! ... which equates to making more ME time ... which means more exercise, more time to eat right, and more importantly - more time for my hobbies and blogging :)


Anonymous said...

A gorgeous ornie! Congrats :)

Anne S said...

What a beautiful ornie - yet another great exchange :D Good luck in finding that perfect balance next year :D

Margaret said...

Hope to see more of you as you practice those "NO's" (it's sometimes such a wonderful word!).

That IS a cute way to finish an ornament! Lookng forward to seeing your copies.

Karoline said...

What a lovely ornie, congratulations

Wendy said...

Very lovely ornie! We all need to use that NO word a little more, and eat better, and exercise more....and stitch a little more too!

Carol said...

Hi Lisa! Haven't visited with you in ages - glad you are well! Pretty ornament from Joanie! She is amazing :-)