Friday, December 22, 2006

Gifts galore!

'Tis the season for giving (and receiving!).

First up - a bag I made for Cameron's teacher - she has taught him for two years and is just the most amazing teacher. He is VERY sad that he can't have her next year! His request to me was that Mrs Ross loves giraffes, so I had to make something with a giraffe theme. After looking and looking, I finally found the perfect fabric (with a bit of help from a friendly shop assistant!) - I love the way this one turned out, and she was very appreciative too :)

Next, it was time for gifts for teachers and gym coaches - lots of kids = lots of gifts! So I made (with help from two little girls) lots of gingerbread men, which we then put into plastic bags and tied Christmasy ribbon around ... everyone seemed to like them.

Next up - Christmas, just wouldn't be Christmas, without our NZ Doris exchange! ... this is the ornament I stitched for Wendy, I put in some other little goodies, but didn't have time to take a photo (being Queen of last minute putting things in the mail, that I am!).

I was lucky enough to have Kath draw my name out, she made me this lovely Noel banner and added these wonderful gifts - I have got right into the card making lately, so these were perfect! Thank you again Kath!

Then I had this beautiful ornament turn up in mail box from Katrina ... just a "because" ornament - as usual, Katrina's work is perfect! Thank you again Katrina!

Next up ... my work always give all their employees a gift every year (lawyers are obviously doing all right ;)) - and they always do a good job ... as an aside, I can't believe the way some of the women I work with complain about their gifts not being any good etc etc ... I don't know anyone else who has employers so generous! I am apparently in the minority this year at thinking this is a GREAT gift! LOL ... you can't see properly on the photo - but the top part unzips (as shown) and there are four wine glasses, good utensils (real ones, not plastic!), a cork screw, bottle opener, salt and pepper shaker, napkins, chopping board ... everything needed for a picnic. Then the bottom is quite big and upzips to show a nice big cooler bag - with separate bag inside with a picnic blanket, plus of course a bottle of wine AND the book of Wellington walks - which we've been saying we must find ... so perfect.

and last, but definitely not least - a sort of gift - Rhiannon made this cute little ornament at a class at the local scrapping/card making store yesterday - her friend paid for the class as a birthday gift and the two of them went and did it yesterday - isn't it cute! She also made a gorgeous card.


Kiwi Jo said...

Lovely gifts to give and receive Lisa! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas.

Vicki said...

Cool bag you made. I bet his teacher loved it. Very nice stitchy gifts. And I think your gift from is awesome. I wish my office did that.

Floss said...

Wow Lisa! Now the bag you made, I've seen a lot of them around. Is there a pattern?

Rowyn said...

Great bag and stitchy gifts. I like what your work gave you, you always get ones who complain and ones who expect to receive something (tsk, tsk). Have a great Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Love the bags you made Is there a pattern? The gift you got from work is wonderful we didn't get anything. Beautiful work. GB

Anonymous said...

I love it ! Very creative ! That's actually really cool Thanks.