Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Evening Carols ... NZ Style

Something our primary school does annual is have a Christmas Carol evening - a final evening as the end of school is coming to a close. I've always loved community carols, so this is one of my favourite events of the school year!

We had a perfect evening for it - which was wonderful after such an awful start to summer, there is hope! These photos are taken about 7.30-8.00pm in the evening, I bet the lighting and battle with sunlight shining straight into the camera is different than the carols by candle light in the cold, dark, snowy Northern Hemisphere :)

Charlotte (in purple ducked down) and their syndicate item.

Rhiannon's syndicate - but gives a view of the school and bright summers evening.

Rhiannon in full voice.

I should note that Josh and Cameron, where indeed there - and I do love them just as much as the girls - but the lovely photo I got of Cameron has mysteriously been deleted off the camera (little toad), and Josh managed to hide at the back of lots of people for the whole evening!


Margaret said...

Ummmm yes. Quite different! It has been unseasonably warm here (New York), but it's DARK DARK DARK by 5:00 pm!

Looks like such fun! And Booohisss for deleted pictures.

MiPa said...

Looks like lots of fun. LOL at Cameron deleting the pic. I try to do that too when DH takes pics of me.

Vicki said...

That is definitely different than here but how fun! It's been warm but it's also pitch black at 7:30 at night. Looks like a great time. LOL at the missing pic and the hiding kiddo.

Carla said...

That looks like fun! What carols were they singing? Love the bright sunshiney evening. I'm so very much missing all the sunshine these days.

and I agree...booo hisssss on the deleted pictures.

Sara Laughs said...

Too funny that he deleted the pic! Your girls are very sweet looking.