Saturday, October 21, 2006

5 Weird Things ...

I got tagged by Margaret (hi Margaret *waving*) ...

"I have to say 5 things that are weird about myself or my pets" I've been thinking about this and have trouble thinking of five things - does that mean I'm maybe not as weird as I thought? LOL ... so I've turned "weird" into "interesting facts" ;)

Five Interesting Facts about Me and Maisie:

  1. I blatently admit to pinching this from Katrina's answers ... because it's the same for me. I have a phobia of Magpies - not birds though, just Magpies ... and yeah, I'll still turn around and find an alternative route if one looks particularly threatening (not so much these days ... I'm braver than I used to be!).
  2. I've had five children - all completely naturally, no inductions, no drugs (except a little gas for a couple of them), no forceps or anything - in this day and age I think that's quite unusual ... not necessarily weird ... but unusual ;)
  3. I like nothing better than being alone, not so weird, except I come from a big family and have a big family ... got to wonder where that trait comes from! (although one my mother and Charlotte definitely have too ...)
  4. Maisie loves cheese ... so much so that Charlotte now knows that she can't leave her cheese sandwiches alone, because much to her disgust (and distress) Maisie has pinched them a couple of times and raced outside with them to tuck into the cheese. She's also been known to grab a good sized lump of it off the kitchen bench when I've had my back turned.
  5. Maisie does this sweet thing most mornings where she sits on the corner neighbour's fence and waits for me to walk back from dropping off the kids in the morning. She miaows as soon as she sees me across the road and then jumps down and walks with me along the road and up the driveway.

I've got some exchange pictures and thank yous to catch up on. I'll come back soon with that post!

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