Sunday, October 01, 2006

Woodland Cottage

Lookie here ... another finish! ... and just managed to slip it into September so I meet a goal too.

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Woodland Cottage - Elizabeth Designs
32ct Linen (can't remember the name, I really must start writing these things down as I start a piece!).

I should answer the Stitching Bloggers Question of the Week with this one! I started it quite a while ago, discovered after I'd stitched all the trees that one of the first ones was two stitches out (that's four threads out) ... but it would have been a major to undo, so I left it as was ... then didn't have a colour so put it aside and then struggled to work up the enthusasim to finish it off, knowing I was going to be fudging all the way ... and boy did it take fudging ... I must have been THREE threads out ... so one side is a thread out from the other ... and it took some fiddling to fit everything else in, but I did it, and I doubt anyone except me would notice.

The girls and I had a lovely day yesterday :) ... did the bank account a wee bit of damage, but not too much. I found a couple of books at The Warehouse that I've wanted to read marked down in price, the girls got a few clothes ... so we were all happy. Got home about 2ish and the girls amused themselves while I watched a DVD and finished the cottage - now, that's how life should be! LOL Oh, and the report from Taupo is that the soccer team had won 5 out of 5 games so far, including one from the top Auckland team who seems to be VERY serious, and wasn't at all happy ;)

Feeling so much more refreshed today I'm ready to tackle some work and hopefully sew up some more the quilt.


Kerry said...

Wow, that is really pretty. I love it.

AnneS said...

Woodland Cottage is glorious - love Elizabeth's Designs, her charts never seem to do the designs justice, so it's lovely to see them stitched up :D

Karoline said...

Woodland Cottage is lovely, congratulations

Katrina said...

hey there Lisa, great ED finish there, love the speciality stitches in these patterns. Great to see you have stitched, and finished the last two month's ornies -I haven't done either but plan to have an ornie catch up month this month :) catch up soon!

Lana said...

Woodland cottage is beautiful! Good job on the finish! i love the quilt you are working on too! Such bright pretty colors!

Ali B said...

Dear Lisa, Your cottage is totally charming - I love everything about it - just my style of work. I am shortly going to start a little project of cottages by Gail Bussie - its a folkart style.

Ali xx

~Velda said...

Lisa that is beautiful! nice work.

Margaret said...

That is beautiful, Lisa!!

Vonna said...

Your ED project is BEAUTIFUL! I found your Blog through another's and was awestruck with it's beauty! You're now on my blogroll so that I can keep up with your projects....truly wonderful stitching...and I mean it!

StitchCat said...

I love this...I have it in my stash to do :)