Tuesday, October 03, 2006

September into October

October already! oh my!

September Round-Up

1. Finish July Ornament - yes!
2. September SAL Ornament - Yes!
3. Finish one other Ornament - no
4. Finish Woodland Cottage - yes! (at last LOL)
5. Work on The Kiss - no
6. Work on The Stargazer - Yes!
7. Work on HAED Summer Fairy - no (it is so close to being finished)
8. Finish Linen and Lace - didn't even stitch on it
9. Work on DT Sampler Game Board - Yes!

I also started and finished the Prairie School Christmas Sampler and stitched a small exchange gift which I've sent off.

October Goals/Rotation

Ohhhhh ... that evil word, rotation, is in there again. I work to goals, much much better - so I'm making my goals, my rotation.

1. Finish the finishing of my smalls exchange.
2. 1st Mirabilia RR piece (5/10)
3. Ornament (7/10)
4. 2nd Mirabilia RR piece (10/10)
5. Ebay item (17/10)
6. 5hrs HAED (19/10)
7. Ornament (22/10)
8. 10hrs Stargazer (25/10)
9. Ebay piece (29/10)
10. 5hrs The Kiss (31/10)
11. Finish piecing quilt together.

The dates are when I expect to be finished that particular goal. I'd also like to work on DT's Linen and Lace and Sampler Game Board. If I have any gaps where I finish things early (I'm such an optimist! LOL) I will try and work on those then.

Righty oh ... if I'm going to have hope of meeting those goals I need to get to work so I have time to stitch later :)


AnneS said...

Good luck with that rotation! :D I find a rotation really does work ... when I can stick to it ;)

Anonymous said...

Wow congrats on your September goals! I think you did really well :)

Deb said...

Hmmm, for some reason you are not updating on my blog. Got a surprise to see so many posts ;-) Woodland Cottage looks great.

Jenny said...

Those look like some ambitious goals! :) Good luck with them - I hope you finish everything. :)

And Woodland Cottage is gorgeous! I need to do more Elizabeth Designs. :)

Faith Ann said...

Ok... I'd like to know what's wrong with my blogroll... I didn't think you had posted recently! I've missed a lot!

Anyway, your recent finishes are gorgeous. I *love* Woodland Cottage!!

What colour fabric are you using for Stargazer? It looks great!