Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Roller-coasting ...

that what my life seems to be like at the moment ... full of ups, and downs, and ups, and downs ...

Break glasses - panic about cost - insurance will pay - phew.

Apply for new income support (working families FIRST time we actually qualify for help) ... first payment goes in today. They obviously didn't know where we lived before that ... bill for over $1000 tax owed by DH comes in mail today - half of that is interest and late penalties, they haven't sent us a statement since 2003, which I don't for the life of me remember seeing ... I think it may have gone to our old address, although we moved in 2000, anyway, there goes the first six months or so of the extra money we really needed.

Had great parent/teacher interviews with the primary school kids' teachers yesterday. Today Cameron comes home from school to tell me he got winded by a ball in his stomach and lost consciousness for a few seconds ... the school DIDN'T ring me! ... usually I'm complaining (not actually to them) that they ring about stupid little things.

I'm sure there are other things, just seems to be the story of my life right now ... good news, then bad news.

But heck - we're still alive, still healthy and still mostly smiling!

No stitching news - I didn't even touch it yesterday, this week is one of those crazy ones! Yesterday the kids finished school early for the interviews, a friend dropped around, back and forth to soccer training etc, then gymnastics meeting.

Today shouldn't be too bad.

Tomorrow is crazy - Charlotte has eye appointment with the specialist in Wellington, I'll take her to the zoo afterwards as a treat (and BIG bribe! LOL), Cameron has his eye appointment straight after school, then Rhiannon to gym, Rhiannon to soccer, supposed to be going to Mum and Dad's for dinner (not sure how I'll fit that in yet), Cameron's teacher suggested I try and get an interview with his maths teacher (he is VERY good at maths and she doesn't think he is being extended enough but she can't complain, we need to), any way that will be after 6.00pm sometime, pick up Rhiannon from gym, then I think I've got a meeting at school for ski-camp fundraising ... AND I want to get to Kath's for our wee stitching group. Hope DH has a quiet day and can come home a bit earlier to help out.

Thursday I want to get soccer reports, cricket etc DONE because I want to give myself the long weekend off.

Oh - and I should mention Josh's teacher interview ... he scored highest in the school on the National English test they have them do ... and he's a Year 7 (school goes through to Year 8) ... he's one brainy boy :D Funny how he is definitely English based, and Cameron is math based though - they are only 17mths apart in age, but like chalk and cheese in looks, personality, everything - amazing to watch really.

Enough rambling? Have a good day everyone :)


Von said...

Life certainly does have its ups and downs sometimes. Glad you can keep your mind on the good things!

Kath said...

oh dear - school MUST notify you when kids hurt. Hope that Cameron is ok.

The IRD thing - what can I say!!! What a blow and I would feel agrieved by it all.

Hope to see you tomorrow nigh.